Many Lessons to Learn from Bishop Umunna and Bonanza 2019

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“Living a wealthy life style without impacting my members is an error”-Bishop Umunna


One of the yearly events normally hosts by Bishop Leonard Umunna of Bible Life Church Cathedral is ‘Bonanza’. It is a programme that has brought many people to limelight in life. BLCC is one of the fastest-growing Pentecostal churches in Africa that preaches salvation and holiness among its members over the years till now.

The 2019 Bonanza with Bishop Leonard Umunna was a huge success and many members testified on the goodness of God in their lives and how God used the servant of God to heal them from all manners of sicknesses and diseases. It was a programme packed full of testimonies, miracles, teachings and others.

According to Bishop Leonard Umunna while appreciating all his members on the podium said, it was not easy just few days to Bonanza 2019, we needed some money to put things in order and God used some members to foot the bills for us. It is quite expensive running a yearly event which requires huge sponsorship but I have not seek for external sponsors since Bonanza started 38 years ago. God has been using me and members to run this event successfully.

Bonanza 2019 was not about miracles and testimonies, undiluted teachings were dished out by Bishop Umunna to members and guests across all the 21 branches of the church.

The apt teachings of the word of God for the straight four days made many to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

Bishop Umunna is a trained teacher that has passion in doing the things of God with love.

It was an event to discover talents in all facets of life and as a church capacity builder; Bishop Umunna has built sons and daughters to take their destinies into hands with full confidence.

Bonanza 2019 was full of excitement, prayers, praise and worship, healings and others. Bishop Umunna focused more on how members and guests can make heaven on the last days and not raising money to enrich him.

His kindness and meekness in ministry works is awesome. Bonanza is an event to come and learn the things of God spiritually and physically.

He must be commended for running a programme without raising a seed. Nigeria has few preachers who still harp on good legacies in ministry. He remains a ministerial legend with grace of God in his life.



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