Michael Ubogu: A Fast-Thinker on Maritime Leadership in Africa

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“Creating employment opportunities for youths and adults are for the fast-thinkers with future inputs”-Godday Odidi


For those who have read about Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu, Managing Director of Micura Services Limited on this medium platform but haven’t met him would think of praise singing mentality from the writer. The truth is that those who have met him coming back to testifying the greatness tucked in his personality. You don’t need to be told that Chief Michael Ubogu is a rare gem in the maritime industry.

He has set up his company that his absence does not affect the business. Monetary transactions and contracts are going on and he only approves through his internet gadgets.

According to him, a real businessman does not spend his capital but profits. Only fools in business spend their capital lavishly to impress public. There is no champion in wealthy making in life and how you live determine how your future looks like.

As a creative thinker, Michael Ubogu legacies are glowing on daily basis in the maritime sector where he has become a role model to young maritime gurus in the industry.

Every worker is confident of working with him always. You hardly see a worker in his company leaving his company to another company. He remains a maritime brand with integrity.







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