Michael Ubogu: A Grassroots Entrepreneur with Unbeatable Legacies in Humanity

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Chief Ubogu



“There is difference between having a good name and be famous in life”-Chief Michael Ubogu, Managing Director, Micura Services Limited


If entrepreneurial and humanitarian legacies are the indices to judge the last day of a man on earth, then High Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu,an Isoko-born maritime expert cum philanthropist who came to Lagos over three decades ago, without a roof on his head, could become one of the great people on earth that is presently toeing the path of  greatness and legacy in Africa till date.

Every second or minute with Chief Michael Ubogu is a school that cannot be taught anywhere in the world, even the best professors or motivational speakers can’t offer such high profile lecture to any student in the class or seminar hall.

Having met many creative and digital entrepreneurs lecturing on money minting business, hardly you see real successful speakers whose lectures match their financial growth in life.

He is fast-becoming a role model in both the maritime and business world whose creative entrepreneurial skill speaks volume of his leadership acumen over the years.

His philanthropic legacies have earned him many honours and accolades among his peer business groups in Africa. He is a man that has respect for leaders and elders in the society.

Micura Services Limited is not just providing jobs for people in Nigeria but giving useful platforms to excel in business world. At 48, Chief Ubogu is blessed with sagacious mindset to help in raising young Africans to limelight. He remains a grassroots entrepreneur with humility.


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