Michael Ubogu Dazzles at 48, Reflects on his Life’s Journey

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-I have met my expectations at 48 says Chief Ubogu


High Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu is the Managing Director, Micura Services Limited and one of the largest grassroots employers in the maritime sector whose tough beginning has helped him to reshape his career in  life. At 48, Ubogu believes that where he is today, wouldn’t have been possible if God was not involved. In an exclusive interview with Gabriovoice Magazine at his office, he reflects on his life journey and how God has met his expectations in life and other issues.


Has God met your expectations at 48?

God has met my expectations at 48.As God continues to keep my life, I would celebrate elaborate birthday bash at 50.If I recalled where I was coming from and where I’m today, God has done marvelous works in my life. It was really tough while growing up; I lost my father at 13 and my mother catered for me and other siblings. I grew up in an environment where integrity and credibility was honoured.What I desired to be, God has made me to achieve great feat in life. I chose integrity than short cut to success and today God has brought me out from a staggering background to limelight in the maritime industry.

Why do you want to celebrate your 48th birthday in a low-key profile?

Well, last year, my friends decided to throw an elaborate 47th birthday bash at Lekki for me. But this year, I told them, celebrating me again, why many are going hungry, such money should be channeled to those with empty stomach.So, I decide to celebrate it in a low-key profile where friends will come together to play novelty match at Navy Barracks and enjoy themselves with me.50years is a landmark that would be celebrated as God keeps me alive till then.

Many young people these days are desperate to make wealth without due process, how can we orient our young ones with values?

It is sad that many young ones are only interested in wealth making without due process and some easily forget their past once they have arrived their destination in life. Young entrepreneurs who desire for greatness must embrace integrity and credibility in business. They must make choices that are applicable to success than spending their resources lavishly to things they don’t need in life. Some want to create class without a brand. For me, I rather create a brand than create a class. In life, you don’t live to impress people but create a brand that would generate income in your old age.

Who are your mentors in life?

 My mentors like Vicky Hasstrup, Thomas Etu and Adewale Adeyanju have greatly affected my life positively in the maritime sector. Their humility and integrity are worthy of emulation to the core. My

success story in the maritime industry can’t be completed without these personalities who saw greatness tucked in me over the years.

  What mentorship you received from your mother while growing up as a kid?

I told you early on that I grew up from a much disciplined family where integrity comes first. I recalled vividly when I bought my first car, my mother thought since I was coming from work every morning, probably I was an armed-robber, she couldn’t talk to me for many days and she had to call my boss and confirmed if I was really working with him.Today, my mother called me ‘governor’ because she knew her son has integrity in business and personal life.

What is your advice for young entrepreneurs who want to be like you?

There is no short cut to success in life; every young entrepreneur must pursue integrity, credibility, discipline and innovation. If you innovate, your clients will patronize you. The success of every big business in Africa is innovation and branding.


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