Michael Ubogu: Redefining Humanitarian and Philanthropic Legacy in Africa

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Chief Michael Ubogu


“Giving is a Gift”-Michael Ubogu

One of the leading international award-winning maritime experts in Africa that has continued to amaze international communities through his philanthropic legacy is High Chief Michael Ubogu, the Managing Director of Micura Services Limited, one company that has redefined and rebranded professionalism to the core.

His philanthropic and humanitarian services is in-born that cannot be changed by no man on earth.

He is one man that had passed through the wilderness of poverty and oppression but never deterred in life.

Chief Michael Ubogu believes that giving is a gift that God has bestowed on him to help humanity in Africa and beyond.

Again, Ubogu is not the richest man in Africa but his humanitarian capacity is worthy of emulation to the core. Many poor students are under his scholarship scheme to university level both known and unknown. He values education more than financial gift to people.

One unique attitude of Ubogu is that, he turns every programme he hosts to humanitarian services. Good people are known by what they offer to the society. His legacies are immensurable to mankind in Africa.

When it comes to professionalism and integrity in the maritime sector, Ubogu not just leads but remains the best of the best to deal with in the business world.

His humanitarian capacity remains legendary in Africa. He believes that not only politicians can affect lives positively but people with creative mindset can do better than the former.

He belongs to the school of thought that believes giving is natural to mankind.

Having gone through a magazine recently where his senior management team applauded the kind gesture he had exhibited in Micura Services Limited over the years to them.

Another unique style of his entrepreneurial leadership is humility and honesty to clients. He is not just breadwinners to many and a lifesaver whose humanitarian legacies have helped many to fulfill their educational pursuits in life. He remains a man after God’s heart in Africa.  





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