Michael Ubogu@49:A Resilient Maritime Icon with Pedigree

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“Great people are celebrated by their worth of humanitarian services to the society”-Godday Odidi


 On Saturday, 16th November, 2019, friends and followers of High Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu, the multiple award-winning maritime icon and Managing Director of Micura Services Limited, posted the birthday wishes on their various social media platforms to celebrate a man that has value for humanity in Africa.

Reading through all the various social media platforms on his birthday wishes and congratulations from friends and fans, I felt fulfilled as the personal media assistant to this progressive maritime icon whose entrepreneurial lifestyle has positively affected my media business and private life over the years.

He is fondly called by friends and fans as ‘Big Striker’ and while other new friends now called him’Micura’.Micura Services Limited is one of the fastest-growing stevedoring companies creating jobs for both youths and adults in Africa for the past 12years.

As a resilient achiever in the maritime sector, Chief Michael Ubogu has become a big brand with legacy.

With the torrents of comments on his facebook page and other social media platforms by friends and fans, Chief Ubogu has graciously affected lives in all ramifications. He is the man of the people.

He has single-handedly sponsored many widows’ children from various primary schools to secondary schools and to different Nigerian universities where one of the students recently emerged as the best student from the University of Benin.




According to Chief Ubogu, if you are not impactful while alive when you are dead you cannot be impactful. Life is all about making great difference to put your name in the golden books of legacy. If your wealth cannot affect people, then you are not impactful to your society.

His glowing legacies continue to grow from strength to strength as Chief Ubogu has become a big mentor to many youths and adults in Africa.

At 49, Chief Ubogu has achieved greatly and he recently got his company certified by ISO which was widely celebrated in the media industry.

God will continue to protect you and your family in Jesus name amen.



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