Michael Ubogu:A Global Outsourcing Expert with World-Class Services to Clients

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Chief Michael Ubogu



“Legacy is the hallmark of greatness in life”-Michael Ubogu


Apart from being known as a multi-award winning world-class maritime entrepreneur that has provided over 5000 jobs for both direct and indirect in the maritime sector, High Chief Michael Ubogu, Managing Director,Micura Services Limited, is reputable for global outsourcing that has creatively distinguished his company from others in Nigeria and Africa.

Having taken my time to hear various speakers speaking on entrepreneurial leadership in Nigeria through facebook live and offline, I realized as a media entrepreneur that promotes CEOs with legacy purposes, Chief Ubogu is a star on his own field of calling, he speaks with reality of life not on books written by inspirational and entrepreneurial authors.

As a trained global outsourcing merchant that has employed efficient workers to some of the first-class entrepreneurial companies in Nigeria, his global reputation has been commendable over the years.

On February 16th, 2019, Micura Services Limited will be 12years old as a registered stevedoring company but Chief Ubogu’s style of managerial leadership has kept the company growing from strength to strength in spite of the quagmire economy in the country over the years.

Chief Ubogu is reputed for providing quality services to clients and always training and retraining staffers for global standard.

He has received over 60 awards, laurels and medals for offering world-class services across Nigeria and abroad.

If you want your company to employ reputable staffers, then Micura Services Limited through Chief Ubogu, you get the best workers to give you the best services in your company.

One thing that has kept Micura Services Limited in global mirror is integrity, transparency, effective customer services and excellent team work. He remains a maritime entrepreneur that doubles as global outsourcing merchant with credibility in Africa.








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