Michael Ubogu:A Man that Loves Celebrating People with Kindness of Heart

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Chif Ubogu



High Chief Michael Ubogu, the Managing Director of Micura Services Limited, one of the fastest-growing maritime companies in Nigeria cum a serial entrepreneur with difference, has made it mandatory since the establishment of his company to celebrate every worker from junior to senior staff.

According to one of the interviews granted by gabriovoice.com at his office two years ago, Michael Ubogu said celebrating his workers on their birthdays give a new order of love among the staffers. The growth of every company depends on the staff strength and competence.Micura Services Limited is noted in celebrating workers on their birthdays of each month of the year. As an MD of a company, you must not make yourself as demi-god because if you are not there, the company stops running .Today, Micura can travel to any part of this world and the company keeps running in my absence

In Micura Services Limited, we work as a team players to get result and today Micura growth is attested to efficiency of workers at all levels of the company. Celebrating workers or staffers give them a sense of belongings and bring out the creativity in them to develop the company to international standard.Micura remains one of the stevedoring companies creating jobs for the teeming youths and celebrating integrity in all walks of life.


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