Michael Ubogu:A Maritime Expert with Entrepreneurial Wisdom

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“A great person attracts people and knows how to hold them together”.-John Hoolfgang Von Goethe

Today, Micura Services Limited under the entrepreneurial leadership of High Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu, has witnessed significant expansion through first class outsourcing manpower and highly trained Management team in Nigeria and abroad.

 This is one of the fastest-growing stevedoring companies in Nigeria that operates professionally in the absence of the CEO and high profile services are provided to clients.

My recent media visit to Micura Services Limited in the absence of the Chief Executive Officer, Michael Ubogu, shows the magnitude of professional services going on with the management team and staffers. According to the Executive Director, Logistics and Distribution, Chief Tunde Alapini, told Gabrio Voice Magazine that in Micura, we live as one family, you hardly know the head. Our focus to give efficient services to clients and every staffer is free to provide ideal to grow the company. Michael Ubogu is a fast thinker and sees the future than today.

Adding that Micura Services Limited is number one in Nigeria and we will continue to provide first class services to our clients.

To Mindset Media Limited and Gabrio Voice Magazine, Michael Ubogu is a man with large heart that has knack for creative and innovative business in all ramifications.Micura Services Limited coming into the mainstream of the economy can only be traced to huge employment of youths in Nigeria. Competence, teamwork, hardwork, networking, diligence media, discipline and integrity have largely contributed to the significant growth of the company over the years.

To crown it all, Michael Ubogu is an entrepreneur that thinks beyond the thinking box and ready to offer entrepreneurial advice to move the Nigeria economy forward in all climes. He is an accomplished maritime expert that has been advocating for Nigeria to diversify its economy in previous administrations. He is a man full of divine wisdom.







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