Michael Ubogu:A Maritime Icon with Innovative Ideas in Entrepreneurial Leadership

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Chief Ubogu



“In business, your first customer is your worker”-Michael Ubogu,Real Life Coach Expert/Maritime Consultant


One of the fast-rising maritime icons in Africa creating innovative ideas and legacies to move the maritime industry to higher grounds is Chief Michael Ubogu,Managing Director of Micura Services Limited and a multiple award-winning outsourcing manpower consultant.

Micura Services Limited is one of the fastest growing maritime companies in Africa and within a space of 12years, it has employed over 5000 workers both direct and indirect.

Lately, last year, Micura Services Limited received the best stevedoring company of the year as one maritime company that has continued to be in the mainstream of providing professional services to clients.

Chief Ubogu is one maritime icon that has continued to welcome innovative ideas from his smart and brainy staffers over the years.

Many a time, I have visited the Corporate Office at Apapa,I see leadership tenacity tucked in the life of Chief Ubogu.His entrepreneurial sensitivity and creativity has helped the company to grow from strength to strength.

His leadership acumen and capacity has earned him many laurels, accolades and awards locally and globally.

As a real life coach expert cum maritime consultant, Chief Ubogu has able to finance Micura Services Limited without borrowing any money from the bank.

He told Gabriovoice.com on a comprehensive interview recently that he has to sell his building property to start the company in fullest. He is one renowned maritime entrepreneur that knows the value of workers and clients around him. He has remained committed to philanthropic works in Nigeria.




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