Michael Ubogu:A Maritime Player with Double-Barreled Legacy

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“Every great man is possessed with great legacy in life”-Godday Odidi

One of the fast-rising maritime players whose focus is belted on entrepreneurial legacy over the years is Chief Michael Ubogu, Managing Director of Micura Services Limited and renowned award-winning maritime guru in Africa.

He came into the industry over 11 years ago when the maritime industry was struggling with entrepreneurial growth and development in Nigeria. He brought innovative idea into the industry where some critics felt his advertorial awareness on different media platforms was just a waste of resources and time.

Today,Micura Services Limited is one of the fastest-growing maritime companies providing quality services for both foreign and local clients.Intergrity has paved way for the company over the years where his creative staffers doing their best of services to satisfy their clients across the globe.

When it comes to entrepreneurial legacies and Corporate Social Responsibility, Chief Ubogu has excellently done well to raise the bar.Micura is one maritime company in Africa that is digitally created to serve international clients with ease.

Chief Ubogu’s glowing legacies continue to live on as his exemplary leadership lifestyle has made many young entrepreneurs to excel in their various entrepreneurial passions.

To crown it all, Chief Ubogu is one man with creative mindset for entrepreneurial leadership in Africa.




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