Michael Ubogu:An International Maritime Expert with Unthinkable Mentality for Sevedoring Services.

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“Trust value is the key factor to business expansion in life”-Godday Odidi


For the early quarter of 2018,Micura Services Limited as one of the fastest-growing stevedoring company in Africa marked its 11th anniversary in grand style with thanksgiving service at the Redeemed Christian Church of God(RCCG).It was a joyous moment seeing all Micura staffers putting on customized Micura T-shirts.

Previous thanksgiving celebrations of Micura Services Limited always using Ankara as their uniformed symbol of the company. This year thanksgiving service was more of selling Micura brand to international communities than just mere celebration.

One thing that has over the years distinguished High Chief Michael Ubogu,Chief Executive Officer of Micura Services Limited from other indigenous maritime experts is uniqueness in dealing with both national and international clients whose companies operate fully in Africa.

According to him, Micura Services Limited is currently pursuing his International Standard Organization (ISO) certificate to operate with other international based companies. We at 75 percent of this movement, by next year, our ISO would have been through for more international business opportunities on stevedoring services and outsourcing manpower.

His financial intelligence and business networking remain legendary in the sands of time.

Having received many international awards in Africa till date, his commitment to excellent entrepreneurial leadership is worthy of emulation to the core.

Micura Services Limited as a company was the first to get new Coaster bus with AC and Ambulance to take care of dock workers. His creativity in the maritime sector opens the eyes of many to new innovative brand in Africa.

Ubogu’s versatility in the stevedoring services is exceptional great when it comes to dealing with high class clients in Africa. In Micura, teamwork and integrity plays vital role and they have remain indivisible family to the core. In Micura, there is nothing like I ‘but ‘we that shows if the company grows geometrically, it affects all workers salaries positively. He has remain an iconic personality in the maritime sector giving quality services to clients across Africa.



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