Michael Ujiro :A New Title with Crown.

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Michael Ujiro :A New Title with Crown

I have been following different chieftaincy titles being conferred on individuals particularly,Delta State where such titles elicited much criticisms.Some of the chieftaincy titles or awards have been bastardized because of monetary gains. Before the conferment of Michael Ujiro’s chieftaincy title on the 14th of December,2019, I took my time to read through all the Facebook pages and timelines to see if any individual was against his chieftaincy title but saw none rather seeing new and old friends rejoicing with the crown. Not long,I met Chief Festus M
Michael Ujiro the Eloviano of Igbide Kingdom and Managing Director,Funacep Nigeria Limited/ Funacep Fleet Management is one of the fast-growing transport companies bringing massive innovations into the transport industry in Africa.Recently, Johnson Musa from Kogi State has joined the business of transport innovation.Chief Ujiro’s chieftaincy title was not given on monetary gains but for entrepreneurship and humanity.He is a young man that is good in character but having failed in several businesses and decided to put his brain to work for big business opportunities that has paved way for him over time.This new crown conferred on Chief Ujiro is to do more for humanity and expand his business frontier as the clock ticks.He is a quiet amazing young personality that knows the quality of services to clients .Since he established his company,he has been putting his best to satisfy his clients till date.This new crown has great input in his life.He remains a young philanthropist that is focused in life .


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