Michael Ujiro: Always Creating Ideas to Sustain Entrepreneurial Leadership in Africa

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“Creative Ideas rule the business world”-Godday Odidi


One of the 2019 Global Mindset Media Achievers Excellence Awards’ recipients that attended the event last year I fell in love with is Chief Michael Ujiro,Chief Executive Officer of Funacep Nigeria Limited, a young leading transport company that provide solutions to transportation issues in Africa.

As a trained Business Administration from the prestigious University of Lagos, his excellent ideas in building a visible transport service has been his entrepreneurial priority over the years.

In spite of Chief Michael Ujiro’s long absence in Nigeria, Funacep Nigeria Limited still growing from strength to strength with the support of internet gadgets in communicating with Funacep staffers.

The rising profile of Michael Ujiro in the transport industry was as a result of sheer hardwork and smartness in corporate entrepreneurship.

His entrepreneurial ideas are sustainable to build real business management team and entrepreneurial expansion.

A quick visit to Funacep Nigeria Limited corporate office, you see dedicated team thinking globally for sustainable growth and development of the business.

Michael Ujiro is a brand with sellable services that are competitive among topnotch entrepreneurs over the world.

He remains a seasoned entrepreneur with love for humanity.





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