Michael Ujiro: An Entrepreneur with Humility

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“Humility takes a man beyond his expectations in life”-Michael Ubogu


One thing that really drew me closer to Chief Festus Michael Ujiro,Eloviano of Igbide Kingdom and a renowned transport entrepreneur is humility.

In Mindset Media Limited, our core medium value is humility and accessibility and every client will meet, we want to see such attitude in them.

In the second quarter of the year, I met Chief Michael Ujiro in his office at Lekki-Ajah area of Lagos State, I saw a humble man whose wealthy lifestyle could make him pompous before people but he graciously displayed humility to us with his soft-spoken carriage.

For a traditional leader of his community to pay him a special visit shows his magnanimous attitude and humility to people.

Chief Festus Ujiro really merited this traditional title being conferred on him last week.

With the kind of personalities from all walks of life that thronged the event shows Chief Michael Ujiro did not receive the chieftaincy title based on monetary gains but his humanitarian capacity prompted the traditional leaders to consider him worthy for the title.

His entrepreneurial charisma is worthy of emulation in Africa. He remains a young entrepreneur that has knack for business expansion and growth.




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