Michael Ujiro: The Young Man behind Funacep Fleet Management and Michael Ujiro Foundation

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“Good product with great packaging attracts great buyers in business”-Godday Odidi


Funacep Fleet Management-A transport management company that provides safety coverage, risk, car maintenance and train drivers on road usage-More Details call 07066991122


Michael Ujiro Foundation-A Non-governmental organization that empowers widows and kids for great future in Africa.


With the great economic zeal of Mr.Michael Ujiro popularly called by friends and clients as’Geedy’ to create youth employment and widows/kids empowerment across Nigeria, particularly, Delta State, shows his magnanimous love for the poor.

You don’t need to be wealthy before you can affect your environment or community positively and that was why Mr.Michael Ujiro came up with this great vision of training drivers on road usage to reduce accident victims and provides tracking devices against car theft since 2015. Funecap Fleet Management is one of the smartest and safest transport management systems that state and federal governments must seek the expertise of Mr. Michael Ujiro and his team to deploy professional strategies of buses/cars maintenance in Nigeria by also providing professional mechanics too.

Funacep Fleet Management is a transport management company that gives professional services to clients across Nigeria. Integrity is the hallmark of this vision that continues to turn local drivers to professional drivers with great hope of the future. Don’t hesitate to patronize Funacep Fleet Management which is located at Suit 3A Level 4 Dominon Plaza Igbo Efon,Lekki Lagos.



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