Micura Services Limited: A Stevedoring Company with Quality Services to Clients

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“Quality is a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer or client gets out of it”-Peter Drucker

 In one of the interviews granted by Mindset Media Limited to the Chairman and Managing Director of Micura Services Limited, High Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu, Maritime expert cum grassroots philanthropist, two years ago, stated”I spent much money to advertise Micura Services Limited at the port while many thought I was wasting money and I knew someday, Micura would be a brand in Nigeria”. Marilyn Suttle says “Truth builds Trust”. Chief Ubogu is a product of honest and transparent businessman that gives credibility to business. My core value to provide quality services to the clients when it was not convenient then but legacy was the ultimate goal for me.

Micura Services Limited as a company is 9years +3months ago, but it has generated over 5000 workforce both direct and indirect. In terms of humanitarian services, Micura is one of the stevedoring companies giving to the society. In sports, education, health fitness, community development, job recruitment, client-oriented services, competent staffers with 21st century training and other laudable services, Micura tops the list at the present economic crunch where many companies are drastically reducing their staff.


To Chief Michael Ubogu, every success starts from a process which he has proficiently and creatively exhibited over the years.Micura Services Limited is a stevedoring company which specializes in providing world-class stevedoring and equipment leasing. The core vision of Micura Services Limited, as a company to be number one, in providing stevedoring and equipment leasing services in the maritime industry in Nigeria and Africa. The mission to provide stevedoring and equipment leasing services, to terminals and factories with modest cost-effective skill and vibrant workforce.Micura services are Bulk bagging,Transloading,Warehouse/Stacking, Equipment leasing and Technical outsourcing. Every company in Nigeria has a goal but in Micura, what Sam Walton says “The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary”. Micura is a company reliable and trustworthy to the core.

Bill Gates says “Everyday we’re saying how we can keep the customer happy? How can we get ahead in innovation by doing this…because if we don’t somebody else will”?Micura Services Limited has offered quality services to major corporate clients like Dangote Group(Sugar refinery, Flour mills& pasta),ENL Consortium Ltd,Silver Maritime(Shipping) company Ltd,BUA Group,Ta-Agro Continental Ltd,Ponglomemerape Nig.Ltd,Ocean Glory Nig.Ltd,NASCON salt,Ibru Jetty, Coastal Services Ltd,Apapa Bulk terminal Ltd,Jumbi Salt Ltd,FF Logistic Ltd,Stallion Nig Ltd,Josepdam Terminal, Elephant Group Ltd and others.

Micura Services Limited is not just providing quality services only but also providing legendary services to clients. Team work, loyalty to customers and excellent services, played major role in making Micura Services Limited as one of the sought-after companies in Nigeria and beyond. Micura Services provides labour and machine to load and off-load all types of cargo. Micura has the knowledge of local manpower and equipment capabilities assuring clients that their shipments will be handled safely, efficiently and economically.

 Finally, Micura Services Limited remains one of the best stevedoring companies to patronize in Nigeria and Micura website gives full details of its services to clients and how they can be reached. Offices are located in Lagos, Calabar and Portharcourt.Micura Services Limited has won over 15 meritorious awards both local and international.Entreprenurial and logistical firmness has helped Chief Ubogu to excel in this maritime industry and remains consistent in service delivery for clients.







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