Micura@13:A Company That Builds System with enviable Legacies

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  • The Success Stories lie on the Management, Staff, Princess Uloma Ubogu, clients and reliable mentors


I took my time yesterday to read through all the congratulatory messages, comments and encomiums on Micura Services Limited @13 including management team. Some also shared the posts on facebook,whatsapp and instagram to register their love for Chief Michael Ubogu,Chief Executive Officer of Micura Services Limited.

The kind of love displayed particularly on facebook yesterday shows that Micura Services Limited has creatively affected lives through job employment and entrepreneurial advice to youths in Africa.

The truth of the matter is that Micura Services Limited started over 13 years ago but was fully incorporated in 2007.

The success story of Micura Services Limited cannot be completed without the management team, staff, clients, Princess.Uloma Ubogu and reliable mentors.

When Micura Services Limited kicked off officially in 2007, it was the wife of Chief Michael Ubogu that spoke boldness into his heart to start his own company when he had job offer of N12, 000,000 per annum.Today, Micura has employed over 5000 workers both direct and indirect. It is not just giving employment alone but workers are well-paid at exact date of 28 every month.

In Micura Services Limited office, you hardly see workers in gossip cycle but rather focusing on their services to clients.

On the management team and staff, Micura Services limited always providing regular trainings to staff. System grows with professional efficiency. The maritime world needs capable hands to navigate services to the right clients.

For Micura Services Limited to emerge as the best stevedoring company of the year in 2018 was great feat added to the ISO certification in 2019.

Again, Chief Michael Ubogu is a CEO that has foresight in the maritime world always allying himself with reliable mentors that think the progress of the company.

The junior and senior staff of Micura Services limited must be commended for the good services to clients globally and locally.

Once again congratulations to Chief Michael Ubogu popularly known as’Micura ‘by clients and sports world as’Striker’.All the management team must be commended for putting their best in building entrepreneurial system in the maritime industry.Micura is a brand to identify with in Africa.




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