Mindset Media Limited marks 8th Anniversary, as prominent Nigerians receive awards

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-We must dissociate ourselves from partisan politics-Chief Ubogu

-Electorate must be enlightened on voting education-Hon.Orji

-Leadership is all about service to the people-Dr. Sonny



Mindset Media Limited marks 8th Mindset M edia Achievers Excellence Awards as prominent Nigerians were honoured in grand style at De Santiago Milan Hotel and Suites, Festac town, Lagos.

Speaking at the event, the host, Mr.Godday Odidi said Mindset was founded in 2011 for the purpose of promoting people from nobody to somebody. This dream was birthed on promoting creative legacies among people that value integrity and credibility in business and leadership.

It was not easy then when we started without sponsorship from any organization or individual but we thanked God today that many have started identifying with Mindset Media Limited. We founded this media based on creativity and objectivity and God has helped us to create a name in both social and print media for the past eight years in Nigeria.

Chairman of the event, Chief Michael Ubogu said politicians must represent their constituencies positively than practicing partisan or violent politics that could result into serial killings in the communities in Nigeria.

I’m not a politician but a businessman that believes in quality representation of the people. Our youths must not be used by any desperate politicians in 2019 to cause unrest in the community, he added.

Hon. Rita Orji as one of the special guests said our present electorate must be enlightened on political representation in Nigeria. Every voter wants elected politicians to pay all their bills which would amount to corruption.”If a politician spent all his or her money in campaign and feeding of voters when he or she is elected, he or she thinks how to recover his or her money first before the people he or she represented. Every voter must be ready to vote for the rightful candidates in the 2019 elections, she advised.

Dr.Bello Sonny, guest speaker of the event, who spoke on a topic ‘Changing the narrative system of political leadership in Africa’, said Nigeria present political leadership system has failed its citizenry abysmally  but leaders must adopt 21st century leadership tools to build a vibrant economy. Those who fight corruption in Africa must first fight the cabals that are presently promoting corruption in Africa with devilish hearts.

 Mindset Media Achievers Excellence Awards presented awards to Pastor Callistus Okhaishe(Marine),Prof.Aghalino Samuel(Education),Benjamin Ossai(Entrepreneurship),Hyacinth Aniemeke(Religion),Ruth Sonny(Religion),Divya Selvakumer(Health),Ambassador Isreal(Social entrepreneurship),Shownda Pagan(Humanity),Emmanuel Abikoye(Property),Archibong Ofonime(Religion),Frank Okorie(Hospitality),Joseph Olusegun(Religion) and Solomon Okperi(Entrepreneurship).Guests were entertained  with comedy and music while light refreshment were served.







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