More Projects are Coming to Ikpide-Irri, Detractors Can’t Stop Us Says Mr.Okperi, Portplus Limited

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Mr.Solomon Owhede Okperi is the Managing Director of Zino Dive (Underwater Services Nigeria Limited), one of the fast-growing maritime safety companies in Africa, providing excellent services to both foreign and African clients over the years. He is one of the top Directors of Portplus Limited, a company that globally rated as one of the best for providing hi-tech services on marine, road construction, vessels and bridges. He is the present chairman of Ikpide-Irri community, Lagos branch, having served for two constitutional tenures with enviable track records, the community decided to make him to continue with the leadership of the branch till date. His magnanimous capacity towards community growth and development remains worthy of emulation to the core. In this exclusive interview with Gabriovoicemagazine, he explained vividly on the said alleged N736 million Ikpide-Irri road kola-nut project embarked upon by Portplus Limited and other range of issues trending on both social and print media now.


As a top Director of Portplus Limited, sir can you elucidate on the alleged N736 million Ikpide-Irri road kola-nut contract trending on both social and print media that your company did a shoddy job without following the Bill of Quantity(BOQ)?

Thank you very much Gabriovoicemagazine/ for coming directly to Portplus Limited to know our own side story on this alleged N736 million kola-nut road contract trending on several social media platforms before publication. I want to also commend your team for the good works of investigative journalism over the years till date. First, some said Portplus Limited is a marine company not construction company. If you go to CAC to verify our services or our website, Portplus limited is not a just marine company but a company that constructs road, bridges and build vessels across the globe. We have high-profile clients both Nigerians and foreigners. We have been embarking on several road projects across the globe, Ikpide-Irri is not the first road project, so, those alleging that N750 million or 736million was used to construct the road and only N120million was expended, only got their conflicting figures from unreliable sources not directly from Portplus Limited or the state government. The Managing Director of Portplus Limited is a man with high taste and honour.Before we embarked on this road project, Chief Immanuel Emoefe personally told all the engineers and workers to use the right materials for the project, that is, he is not doing this job for what to eat but for legacy purposes. In the bill of quantity, the length of the road is 3.05 but we stretched it to 3.2 because of the man that is involved in this contract. We were awarded this contract and some money was committed to it by the state government not the alleged N736 or N750million that is trending on several social media platforms by some people who felt the contract was not given to them directly. The issue here is that some elements requested for money on the road project and Portplus Limited refused to give them and they decided to go virally on different social media platforms to dent the company’s image.


It was alleged that the Ikpide-Irri road project was a kolanut gift from the State governor, Dr.Ifeanyi Okowa to the Managing Director of Portplus Limited, Chief Immanuel Emoefe for the 2015 governorship election support, what is your take on this allegation?

There was nothing like kolanut gift from the state government. It is just the handiwork of some mischief makers trying to dent the company image (Portplus Limited).Ikpide-Irri has existed as a community for the past 500 years and nobody ever envisaged that motorable road will come to us. The road in question that is generating several petitions to anti-graft agencies and the state government was a temporary access road to convey our materials to site and no road has ever been commissioned as it has been trending on the social media. In the bill of quantity, 2 ring converts to be constructed but Portplus Limited on its own volition constructed 6 bucket of converts.Ikpide-Irri community belongs to us all and we must give the best to our people and nothing more.

What has been the reaction of Portplus Limited towards several petitions sent to the Delta state government and other anti-graft agencies to revoke the contract from your company?

The management of Portplus Limited has seen some of the petitions and we are calm for now. I’m assuring you that more projects are coming to Ikpide-Irri community and detractors can’t stop us from achieving our set objectives for the people.Ikpide-Irri people are peace-loving and we must allow peace to reign.

Would this numerous allegations not hamper the fortunes of Portplus Limited as a company in the future?

Portplus Limited is a big company with reputation over the years. We have done several projects with government and private institutions across the globe till date. God has been faithful to us and the Managing Director of Portplus Limited believes so much in God and integrity. This allegation of kola-nut road construction can’t stop our fortunes because we are internationally reputed.

Can this issue not change the magnanimous mindset of Chief Immanuel Emoefe towards Isoko growth and development?

It can’t change his mindset because Chief Immanuel Emoefe is a man with his words. He believes in giving to humanity and always wants to see everybody around him making progress in life. He loves people that are sincere to the core.









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