Mr.Ozofere Tasks Isoko Political Leaders to Go for Higher Offices in 2023

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An Isoko Socio-Cultural group in Delta State, Ozoro Progressive Union,Lagos State branch, through its President,Mr.Ozofere Kennedy, a technocrat, has called on Isoko political leaders and stakeholders to go for higher political offices in 2023.Isoko can’t continue to play second fiddle politics in Delta State.

He stated this in one of the press conferences held in Lagos that Isoko leaders and stakeholders have been considered for SAs, PAs and few commissioners. Since 1999 till now, Isoko has not been considered for governorship or deputy governorship position.Isoko is very important in Delta politics and we must not be relegated to the background.

2023 is not far; Isoko politicians must wake up for the political reality and start negotiating for better positions than just PAs or SAs.PDP must zone the governorship or deputy position to Isoko nation. We are mature enough to handle higher political positions in the state, he said.



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