My Father Was a Poor Civil Servant but Gave His Children the Best Education-Rotarian Zakari

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One of the fast-rising young philanthropists cum humanitarian greats whose philanthropic works has earned him more accolades and praises in the sands of time in Africa and abroad is Rotarian Goni Zakari,a foremost maritime expert with dignity.

At the Golden Tulip hotel Festac Town recently when he granted interview with at the red carpet of the rotary club awards, Rotarian Zakari told the media how his father was a poor civil servant that made sure all his siblings got the best education of their lives.

According to him, joining Rotary club taught him much about humanitarian empowerment and how to affect lives positively in all levels. God has connected me with likeminds that believed so much in empowering the poor.

Zakari explained that the best legacy parents must give to their children is education. My father was a poor civil servant that knew the ethics of civil servant profession and brought all his children on educational legacy and self-disciplined in life.

“I derived joy in helping humanity and rotary club is one humanitarian platform in the world that teaches Rotarians how to give and support government works voluntarily”.

He added that giving does not mean you are rich but affecting society with your little resources help to lessen the burden of government. He further said rotary club is not a cult as many might see it but it is gathering of likeminds to see a greater future in the means of nothing in Africa. Young people should live for legacy not quick wealth syndrome attitude, he advised.



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