My Mandate to Help Humanity Says Apostle Abdulsalam

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Apostle Abraham Abdulsalam is the senior pastor and founder of Enthronement Ministries International (a.ka Trinity Bible Church), a trained zoologist/animal biologist from Ahmadu Bello University turned renowned preacher with 21st century strategic management skills. He is one of the fast-growing and sought after ministers of God in Nigeria whose humanitarian mission has attracted both low and high in the society to his ministry in recent times. His ministerial humility is worthy of emulation to the core. In Kaduna state today, Enthronement Ministries International is known for providing affordable medical services to the commoners. He has received many meritorious awards to his credit over the years. In this interview with Gabrio Voice Magazine, Apostle Abdulsalam bares his mind on the need for government to pay rapt attention to the plight of Nigerians and other issues across the country.


 Ministerial Background

I am Apostle Abraham Abdulsalam, senior pastor and founder of Enthronement Ministries International with branches in Kaduna and Rivers states. I also run Enthronement Academy Nursery and Primary School and Enthronement Clinic and I attended Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where I studied zoology/animal biology and had other qualifications to the credit of God.


What is your view on the State of Security in Nigeria?

On a general basis you can say there is relative peace but not that people are really secured per se. It seems more like an uneasy calm. There are still spates of killings and kidnappings in villages and cities and thefts as well. I believe that the government can do more to secure life and property and our highways must be secured too.

Any hope for Nigeria’s leadership?

There is still a slim hope for Nigerian leadership, even though the trust in the leadership by the populace seems to be dwindling in recent times. The lack of proper development and reduction in poverty level and also uncertainty on government policies affecting the citizenry over time. The government must communicate with the people directly on her plans and its level of progress. Government must also show holistic approach for national development not just interested in one particular geo-political zone development


Ministerial mission

Trinity Bible Church is on mission to bring the full gospel to the total man. We are on a mission to see that the spirit, soul and body of man is catered for. Things are hard for virtually everyone and we want to see that we affect people nationally from the pulpit but also from academic area (soul) and also medical services too. To this effect, we have the Enthronement Academy Nursery and Primary school offering world class foundation education at a fraction of the cost. Our secondary school is in the pipeline and Enthronement clinic construction is already on going now.


Humanitarian mission

As a pastor I have seen people deliver in hospital and can’t go home with their new kids because of unpaid bills. I have seen children and parents die because of going to quack medical centres due to lack of funds. We are really on a mission to put an end to all these humanitarian problems in Nigeria.


Ministerial progress

Our progress I believe is powered by following God’s mandate and bearing genuine care for God’s people. We want to do what God what us to do and care for his people under our care. It is not about having a large church or facility. It is about bringing people closer to God and caring for them in the best way we can.





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