MY SECRET PLACE MY POWER PLACE-Prophet Idahosa,founder Dreamland of Grace Ministries International,Zambia

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MY SECRET PLACE MY POWER PLACE-Prophet Idahosa,founder Dreamland of Grace Ministries

Prophet BB Idahosa


Before you see a young man that elders are bowing to, check that young man, he is bowing to something greater than they have seen….

Age does not stop the ‘honour’ sacrifice brings…..

Men don’t bow to men who bows to nothing….

Honour has a cost …And money cannot buy it …It is paid for by sacrifices…..

Ask for the price of the OIL you want to carry in our time, sir , and pay for it …..

You were on Facebook arguing, while others are in the secret crying to God for OIL
Any glory not gotten in the place of prayer will evaporate……..someday

Altars controls thrones…..

And what sustains altars are sacrifices…
And sacrifices are made with pains…

Man lost his dominion in the garden through food That was why Jesus came and started with fasting….
Satan understood that Jesus has understood the code, that was why he rushed to tempt Him with the same food…

But Jesus disappointed him….

What an eternal disaster it would have been for humanity if Jesus have eaten that bread….

Some people have eaten their family liberation in canteens and restaurants…..

Many people who are supposed to be handling great power and anointing are still on the dinning table morning, afternoon and night dragging food….

It was not Paul’s education that made him the greatest…..
It was the price he paid in the place of prayer and fasting and studying…..

Certificate would not have helped Paul when the demons in Malta sent vipers to end his ministry…..

Cobras and vipers don’t hear grammar…..

They obey the voice of Fire…. ?? ?

Increase your level of knowledge, Sir!!!!….

Enroll in school, if you can……
But don’t abandon your prayer altar….

Don’t let anyone talk down the place of sacrifice of praying and fasting to you….

Honour in the Kingdom starts from the knees …
Honour doesn’t shout…
It doesn’t brag …
It doesn’t advertise…
No matter how much a man God has honoured hides, his generation will look for him…..

But check that guy, there is a price he is paying in the place of prayer
Because when a man is addicted to the secret place of the most high…..
He must abide under the shadows of the Almighty….

Go and revive your prayer altar, Sir….
If not, you will soon lose alignment….

If you love me, take me me back to my knees…
If I can succeed there, I can conquer anywhere else….

If an idol worshipper can wield so much power after hiding himself before dead gods…..
imagine what will happen when we hide ourselves before the God
that made heavens and the earth?…….

Have you seen why we should be ashamed of this too much noise we are making and yet no power?..
Too much packaging, yet, nothing is changing.
Is it not better we didn’t come into the kingdom at all, than being known in history as the generation that spoke only Queen’s English to the demons we were suppose to chase away?…..

Go back to your secret place my friend and see what will happen in the open.

Oh God dig a well of Hunger in me.
I won’t be a passerby in Destiny.


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