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The success story of High Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu, the Ashaka-Ozoro born Entrepreneur, Industrialist, Philanthropist and Business magnate cannot complete without a woman called his wife, Mrs. Lauretta Uloma Ubogu,the Igbo-born dream interpreter knew what her husband would be in future, even without a job but she stood and agreed to marry her husband.Today,the story of Michael Ubogu has drastically changed for better. This was a man who could stay for many days without food and cannot pay his school fees but determined to succeed in life. He came to Lagos many years ago without address even when her mother cried bitterly on the self-embarked journey of no return but Michael Ubogu knew that his destiny was not met in the village but city. He grew up in a village setting but came to Lagos as a first timer to Oshodi and straight to Boundary in Ajegunle.In this interview with Godday Odidi,Ubogu revealed his journey to success and amongst other issues.
Tell us about your journey to success.
Thank you very much my brother. The road to success was not easy in life. I grew up in a village setting and told myself that my destiny would not die in a village and I decided to come to Lagos without a specific address. My mother cried for many days but I was not dissuaded. I have never been to Lagos before but I have families living here but then there was no telephone to contact anybody. So I came to Lagos and alighted at Oshodi but asked for direction to Boundary,Ajegunle.When I got to boundary I asked where Delta people were living and somebody directed me to Ogbowankwo street, immediately I met a woman who called my grandfather’s name, George Awute and she embraced me. She gave me food and I took my bath. Later in the evening, she took me to my cousins and that was all. I was living with them for many months and I told myself again, I cannot stay like that, so I started looking for work with my cousins and we all went to Mba street to a company called’Kavitas’to start a casual work but in my heart I knew someday I would get there! Whereever I worked, I put all my efforts without a second thought. God also used people to favour me in all levels.
How did your wife play a pivotal role in your success in life?
My wife is the product of my success in the sense that she got married to me when I had nothing in life. I lived in one room apartment at Ladiga Tolu and then moved to Wema in two-room self-contained and to Mile 2 Estate living in two-bed flat and the rest is history .I worked in several companies like Daico and Dangote salt where I rose from casual worker to a manager but I decided to start my own company. Though, I got a job offer of #12 million in a year, car and house in one of the choice areas in Lagos State but my wife told me to defile that offer to start my own company. She told me point-black that the #12million offer would not do anything in my life but for 9 years working as an entrpreneur, I will see the difference and I took to her advice.Micura Services Limited was founded in 2007 with just 30 workers but today, we have over 4000 workers either direct or indirect.
You always commend one Princess (Dr.) Vicky Hasstrup, fcis, the Executive Vice Chairman/CEO, ENL Consortium& Chairman, Seaport Terminal Operators Association of Nigeria on your facebook page and also wished her birthday in one of the Maritime newspapers(Ships &Ports), who is it to you sir?
In fact, she is the jewel of our time with inestimable value of maritime leadership. It was her late father that gave us the opportunity to make our vision come to pass. Without her father no Micura.The terminal Micura is using today came from her father and she has been so supportive and accommodating to us.
You said your company can pay workers’ salaries in your absence, how?
I have at least some signatories to Micura account. We have the company mission statement. So, my company can function in my absence. All my workers cannot report to me directly because they have their supervisors (Managers) in charge. I have trainable team working with me to see the success of Micura Services Limited in all ramifications. Those who are not trainable cannot work with me.
What gives you the impetus of helping the less privileged ones in Nigeria?
I have slept with empty stomach for many times and unable to pay my school fees but God saw me through in life. Even as that condition, I loved sharing what I have with my friends then. Even some complains that are not genuine to us, but my wife and I have promised God to help the poor at our own financial capability. My driving force is God and nobody can force me to do what I cannot do in life.
What is your legacy in the Maritime industry?
I am still working hard to breakeven in the Maritime industry and create a legacy with no measure. Integrity and dedication is the catchphrase of Micura Services Limited and nothing more. Nobody can say Micura as a company has fraud anyone even when we had some challenges few years ago and early this year but God saw us through. I am contented with God’s blessings in my life. Our expansion is as a result of hardwork and commitment of our workers in all the branches of the company.

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Charles Oboh Sr
Charles Oboh Sr Very inspiring story of pure humility and steady rise to grace.
With a highly supportive spouse.
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Egboro Okiemiute-Dickson
Egboro Okiemiute-Dickson · 12 mutual friends

Lolo the llolo, behind every successful man there must be a woman, we love you!!!!
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· Reply · August 25, 2015 at 8:53am


Stephen Job
Stephen Job · 5 mutual friends

Well done ma. God bless you for playing the role of a true friend to my brother. Greater you ma.
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· Reply · August 25, 2015 at 10:30am


Aliyu Tajudeen
Aliyu Tajudeen · 4 mutual friends

This is a story that all employees must learn from
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· Reply · August 25, 2015 at 5:21pm