Nigeria Needs Leaders that have Progressive Ideas to Move the Country Forward -Bishop Idahosa

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Bishop Idahosa



Bishop Isaac Idahosa is the presiding Bishop of GodFirst Ministries International, a.k.a Illumination Assembly, one of the fastest-growing churches in Africa that teaches members how to live faithfully with God. He is one Nigerian clergy that is globally recognized when it comes to preaching undiluted word of God to believers in Africa and beyond. In this exclusive interview with at his palatial office in Lekki-Ajah area of Lagos State recently, he spoke comprehensively on the need for Nigerians to recognize the present leadership and vote for their conscience come 2019 and other issues.


How can you rate the present leadership of the country as a renowned clergy that speaks on future leadership over the years?

Well, Nigeria has grown beyond money politics and the conscience of Nigerians is highly sensitized now. The era of sharing one thousand or three thousand to canvass for votes for elections are over. Nigerians are wiser than any elective leadership now. No doubt, there is hunger in the land but people are not ready to mortgage their lives for peanuts. Nigeria would not break despite the recession we had passed through over time.


It has been alleged in recent times by some Nigerian critics that President Mohammadu Buhari has been cloned, did you agree to it?

President Mohammadu Buhari is not cloned. It is the same Buhari we voted for in 2015 still in power till date. If it is cloned, the wife of the President would have cried out since. It is just a political gimmick to win the minds of people that are politically and economically fed of this present leadership in power. The fact remains that there is a leadership at present we must pray for to succeed with his cabinet. Even though the wife of the President cried out on the two cabals preventing her husband’s government not to move forward, the person in government is not Jubril of Sudan but President Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria.


What kind of leadership are you envisaging for the country now?

One problem over the years is that we had leaders that put their needs first before the masses. Every leader is accountable to God and great leaders we celebrated yesterday are no more active today and it is the turn of President Mohammadu Buhari as the first citizen of the country to create leadership opportunities for the people that voted him into power. A hopeless man is like a dead man on earth. Hope connects us to our faith. You can see that we have other vibrant political candidates also vying for the Presidential seat alongside with the current President in 2019. That shows there is future leadership for the country.

As a renowned clergy of repute, do you support destructive criticisms of running down government in power?

Running or talking down government in power is not the best for a country like Nigeria that is still learning democracy from the civilized world. Constructive criticisms are welcomed in this part of the world.

What is your view on the recent debate on Vice Presidential candidates ahead of the 2019 elections?

It is a welcome development in this nascent democracy. We must know ahead of what they want to do if elected come 2019.This debate brought out the best from the various Vice Presidential candidates in the country. I would suggest as a clergy that President Buhari should make out time to be in the Presidential debate that would help in strengthening the institutions. Nigerians want to see him speak to us on his next level of leadership come 2019.

The state of insecurity in the North East is appalling, what is the way out?

Thank God, this is the first time; our President came out to say Nigeria economy is in bad shape that means, Nigerians must sit up now. On the state of insecurity, it is beyond what we see on news, so the government must act to stem the tide. Sometimes you hear, Boko Haram has been technically defeated or so on. We must pray for the country to enjoy relative peace and tranquility in the country. We must accept responsibility as leaders of this country not apportioning blames on past administration.


Do you belong to any political party in Nigeria?

I have both APC and PDP members in my church. I’m a father to all and not a card-carrier of any political party. My duty to pray for quality leadership among our elected and appointed leaders in the country.

What is your advice for youths in Nigeria?

They must workhard and be consistent on their callings in life. Nobody becomes great overnight without putting hardwork and prayer to it.




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