Nigeria Needs Urgent Restructuring now Says Hon.Orji

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Hon.Rita Orji

Hon.Rita Orji.Federal House of Representatives representing Ajeromi-Ifelodun constituency



The Federal House of Representatives member representing Ajeromi-Ifelodun Federal constituency and Chairperson Diaspora Committee, Hon.Rita Orji has called all Nigerians to support the agitation for restructuring the country now, noting that the unity of Nigeria is being threatened by several ethnic agitators across the country.

According to her, if Nigeria is not restructured, agitators will turn the country into another civil war. In the National Assembly, ethnic marginalization is fully observed in the house. Some ethnic groups have 24 members representing their various constituencies while some  have just 6 members representing their constituences.The gap is so much that ethnicity is fully exhibited in the house often times.

Corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of society, so government can only do their best but corruption cannot be totally eradicated out of the country.

Orji explained further on her legislative aides which were alleged by the ruling political party that she was entitled to 12 legislative aides. I am entitled to 4 legislative aides and only one is an Igbo, which is my personal assistant. There are over 25 people in my pay roll, 70percent are all Yorubas, few Igbos and South-South.

On Diaspora invitation, PDP government was liberal to the opposition party then. As the present chairperson of Diaspora committee; I’m entitled to travel to any country of the world for Diaspora matters but the case is now reverse. Before I became member of Federal House of Representatives, I have been travelling to different parts of the world for various business trips.

The issue here is that, you can’t expect me to be using my personal money for Diaspora matters that concerns the government. I can boldly tell you that there was a letter from the Lagos State government that instructed that I should not be representing Lagos State in any legislative assignments and I have the copy of that letter with me.

In conclusion, Hon.Orji said the last Lagos State local council elections were in total fraud. There were no free and fair elections in the state, adding that she can’t defect to the ruling political party and betray her voters that stood by her in 2015.There were many evil attempts to take my life at the eve of the LG elections but God averted their plans to my favour,she said.