Nigeria politics has failed the Masses-Bishop Umunna

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Bishop Umunna

The Presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral, Bishop Leonard Umunna has called on Nigerians to focus more in prayers to God than believing on the present political structure that has been upturned by the ruling political cabals, stressing that Nigeria can only get better if the constitution is reviewed and amended.

While speaking to his amiable congregation on the first Sunday of the month service, Bishop Umunna said every sector of the economy has failed the masses abysmally. Nothing is working at present as a result of embedded corruption that has eaten deeply into the fabric of the society over the years.

Taking his Bible reference from John 10:12, Umunna said only God can save the country from its imminent danger of economic woes and poor leadership system. Our trust must focus deeply on God as regard to the only hope to deliver the country from total destruction

“He stressed that only formidable policies can take the country to the Promised Land if experts are appointed into various leadership capacities without sentimental politics.” Nigeria is blessed with brains but we have allowed politics and tribalism to take a new political undertone in the country.

Bishop Umunna said

 Nigeria can only move forward at all levels if Christians or believers are committed to God’s word and prayers always. God has not forgotten Nigeria but we need more prayers to savage this country now, he asserted.  



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