Nigerian Christians Have Done Well in Alleviating Poverty in the Country-Bishop Umunna

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Bishop Leonard Umunna is one of the firebrand clergies in Africa whose evangelical prophecies has never been faulted by any media organization or social critics and always remains focused in God’s kingdom. In this interview with some media editors at his palatial church office recently, Bishop Umunna spoke extensively on some critical issues on Nigeria’s leadership, how the country can focus on providing quality leadership system to its citizenry and other sundry issues.


How can you describe 2018, as a refined minister of God whose prophecies over the years has never been faulted by any media organization or social critics?

 Precisely, God has warned me not to speak anyhow. I’m led by the Holy Spirit to speak always not human flesh.2018 was a good year to Nigerians and Bible Lifers. We had some challenges but God saw us through. We had a seemingly political challenges but I told you guys (media) that Nigeria would never divide. God has been faithful to me and my members.

What is the outlook of the New Year (2019) to you sir?

God told me, it is a year of ruling and slaying giants; that is, many works of darkness will be exposed and those using the name of God in vain will also be exposed too. It is a year that many people will be blessed abundantly through their dedications and bountiful seeds to God.

2019 general elections are at the corner, Many Nigerian prophets are prophesying on the positive and negative outcome of the elections, what is your take on it?

I don’t want to comment on Nigeria’s elections but there shall be surprises and sabotage in the political system as we approach the d-day. I have read several prophecies on the coming elections but God works in a miraculous ways to make the general elections free and fair.Nigerians are more sophisticated  in electoral matters and ready to vote their choices. I have never given a prophecy faulted by any media organization in my life since I was called into His vineyard.

How would you rate our churches in terms of humanitarian services in the IDPs in Nigeria?

2018 was hit with economic recession and many churches in Nigeria visited many IDPs in the North East to provide humanitarian services to them as a way to support the present government. Those that could not visit IDPs also used their churches to organize skills acquisitions to widows, widowers and youths across the country. The Nigerian churches have done so well to alleviate poverty in the country over the years.

What went wrong in today’s churches sir?

I can’t speak for any pastor or judge anybody. When I got born again on October 6th, 1963, the churches of 70s, 80s and 90s were more of pursuing the kingdom of God but 20s; we started pursuing beautiful cathedrals not populating the kingdom of God with undiluted word. Most preachers cannot preach without attaching money to it. As far we need money to grow God’s works, we need endtime messages to win souls to Christ not for our selfish ambitions.

Running a ministry in Ajegunle is tasking, how have you able to survive it over the years with the present level of poverty in the land?

It is God that called me to Ajegunle and provided economic and spiritual provisions for me.Ajegunle is a good name and God has been faithful to us. The media, police and PHCN have been good to us. It is a city that has both the rich and the poor people. As a preacher, you must learn to show love always in terms of financial support to the downtrodden.

What is your advice for Nigerian leaders generally?

My advice is that good leaders must be ready to sacrifice and obey the rules of life. Nigerians want leaders that will put food on their tables and assure them basic social amenities of life.







Bishop Leonard Umunna


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