Nigerian Youths are not Indolent Says Chief Alapini

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Chief Tunde Alapini,Executive Director,Micura Services Limited, has faulted the claim that Nigerian youths are not indolent, stressing that most Nigerian youths are hardworking, sometimes platforms to exhibit their in-born talent is lacking except few youths that intended to go into crime due to quick rush to wealth or fame of life.
According to him, that lexicon term that Nigerian youths are lazy is totally wrong, though some youths are still waiting for government to provide all jobs for them without making any creative effort to stem the tide in the country.
He added that,Micura Services Limited has able to employ both direct and indirect jobs for over 5000 people in Nigeria and presently pursuing its International Standard Organization(ISO) for more international business corporations. In Micura, customers’ satisfaction and teamwork is our top priority before our individuals’ needs of life.
Alapini said Nigerian youths can be more proactive and productive in nature if they can get the required moral and financial support from the right thinking African leaders and entrepreneurs. As a youth, you must learn new innovations to upgrade your intellectual world map.
“Micura Services Limited came into limelight in the maritime sector when our company was the first to buy new AC coaster bus and ambulance for our dockworkers and salaries always prompt to workers before 30th of every month till date. This innovative brand brought Micura to its present level today. With the trend we are going now, Micura will be globally recognized with offices across the world. We also came into a competitive market where many thought Micura cannot survive and Chief Michael Ubogu is one man that believes in creative branding.”
He also advised Nigerian youths to be humble and submissive to any constituted authority that they find themselves in life. You cannot be a better person if you continue to exhibit arrogance among elders or leaders in the society, he submitted.


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