Nigerian Youths Must Focus in Life-Chief Ubogu

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Chief Michael Ubogu,CEO Micura Services Limited


Managing Director of Micura Services Limited and a multiple award-winning maritime expert cum philanthropist, High Chief Michael Ubogu has called on Nigerian youths to be focused in life and not to allow any political leader to use them as thugs.

While addressing some journalists in his office recently, Chief Ubogu said Nigeria youths must be creative in nature than beggarly vessels to politicians. Most youths are very lazy and they are not ready to fight for their destinies in life. You can’t be productive in life if you are not prepared for it.

Our youths must take off these characters from them when it comes to philanthropic support, some abuse it because of their selfish interests and not willing to improve on their lives and stay at top. You can be at the top of your career if you are not ready to work it out.

I want to say here that it is time for Nigerian youths to come out from their comfortable zones to fight for their destinies and not to allow politicians’ whose children are in abroad enjoying amenities of this world to use them as thugs. I grew up in Ajegunle but never allowed Ajegunle to decide my future, he said.  


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