Nigerian Youths Must Learn to Embrace Entrepreneurial Leadership Says Nnamdi Okorie

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Mr.Nnamdi Okorie is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of And One Hotel and Suites and one of the fast-growing hospitality gurus creating employment opportunities for young Nigerians and beyond. The UK-trained Business Administration expert believes that investing back home is the best option to curb incessant unemployment rate in the country especially investing in your childhood environment. He left Nigeria for UK at 17 to study, having lived over there for many years and he decided to bring back home his foreign creative idea to fruition. In this exclusive chat with Gabriovoicemagazine,he speaks on the   safety of doing hospitality business in Ajegunle, why young people must live exemplary lifestyles and other issues at stake.


Why did you decide to invest your new hospitality business in Ajegunle than other highbrow areas in Lagos State?

Having lived in UK for over a decade, I believe that investing at where I grew up at my childhood days will help me grow faster in this hospitality business. To succeed in a new business like this, you must invest where you are known and that is why I brought And One Hotel and Suites to Ajegunle.


What experience do you have in this hospitality business?

Before my diversification into this new hospitality business, I run And One entertainment where we promote artistes and comedians and give them platforms to excel in life. With the much experience I garner from my elder brother, Mr.Frank Okorie who runs one of the best nightlife clubs in Ajegunle(J5 Lounge and bar),I decided to diversify into Hotel and Suites where we can give our clients 100 percent services for our classic lodging and accommodation, kitchen menu, drinks and maximum security.


Tell us about your educational background and UK experience


I was born in Ajegunle and attended Kalac primary school and Hopebay College for three years later completed my secondary school at Loral International Secondary school Agbara, Ogun State. I lived with my parents at Osho drive and we later moved to Berger Suya and thereafter relocated to Agbara area before I moved to UK to study Business Administration at Deptford University. It was a great experience residing in UK and I believe with what I learnt over there could be useful in my country, that was why And one Hotel and Suites was birthed in Ajegunle recently.


There are other fast-growing exquisite hotels and suites in Ajegunle now unlike before when it was mushroom ones, how do you think And One hotel and Suites can break-even in this competitive hospitality business in Ajegunle?


As I told you early on that we shall be given 100 percent services to our clients from our bar service to the kitchen and to our lodging and accommodation and 24 hours maximum security. We have smart staffers attending to our clients’ needs.Ajegunle is a comfortable place to do business and competition is not our problem. Before the establishment of And One Hotel and Suites, other hotels have been making huge returns, so the more we invest in Ajegunle,the more the community is opened for creative investment and employment opportunities for both old and young dwellers.

Where And One Hotel and Suites is situated in Ajegunle?

And One Hotel and Suites is situated at No 6 Okulaja Street,Ajegunle Apapa Lagos


As the business grows bigger in the future, what are your plans for humanity in Ajegunle?

As the business grows bigger, I would be helping young people to fulfill their dreams in Ajegunle as the way of showing appreciation to mankind.

What is your entrepreneurial advice for young people in Nigeria?

Young people should stay away from negative identities and should not be scared of investing in their lands.Ajegunle youths must embrace creativity in their lives.






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