Nnamdi Okorie: Creating Entrepreneurial Standard in the Hospitality World in Africa

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One of the youthful hospitality gurus in Africa giving adequate satisfaction for clients ‘money with expansive lodging and accommodation is, Mr.Nnamdi Okorie,Deptford University trained Business Administration graduate who recently found atmospheric solace in investing in his childhood base. Bringing And one Hotel and Suites to Ajegunle was a plus in terms of providing job opportunities for both young and old residents.
On 14th July 2018, when one of my intimate colleagues in the journalism world chatted me on facebook whether I was aware that the CEO of J5 Lounge and Bar/Halfdon Enterprise,Mr.Frank Okorie was opening a new hotel at Okulaja street in Ajegunle and I said no. Immediately I sent a text message to J5 boss, though we chatted on facebook few hours ago on the last Gabriovoicemagazines edition sent to him as complimentary copies whether he had received it and quickly informed me that such event would be happening on that day.So, I quickly reached my photographer through my cell phone for the event.
Few hours later, I got to the hotel environment in Ajegunle,I was shocked to see such magnificent and exquisite hotel being located in Ajegunle,thinking I was in Victoria Island or Festac town where such hotels and suites are situated for high profile clients but it was the same Ajegunle I resided for 15 years ago before I relocated to Badagry area of Lagos State.
Though, I was still thinking that the hotel was owned by J5 boss and few hours later I saw friends I knew that were invited as guests to celebrate with J5 boss. I saw the new hotel was packed full of customers and friends taking their choice brands/food and I was not left out with my team as J5 boss gave us our choice brand (Hollandia Yoghurt) with humility. It was a moment of joy seeing the Okorie family creating entrepreneurial standard for hospitality business in Ajegunle.
As guests filled all the vacant seats for the grand opening ceremony of And One Hotel and Suites, J5 boss whispered to me secretly that he would show me whom to interview and at that moment I was perplexed. It was now dawn on me that J5 boss that runs one of the best nightlife club in Ajegunle was not the owner of this newly exquisite hotel and suites.J5 boss officially introduced gabriovoice.com to his younger brother as one of the leading online media in Nigeria promoting entrepreneurs and companies over the years.
As the CEO of And One Hotel and Suites,Mr.Nnamdi Okorie was introduced to me as the owner of this well-furnished hotel, I was so flabbergasted in the sense that most young people of his age can’t think farther than to lavish their resources on young women. But for such young man in his 30s to think of innovative investment and create jobs for the teaming population of Nigeria, I knew the negative insinuation of President Buhari that Nigerian youths are lazy was proved wrong in this case,
During the course of gabriovoice interview with Mr.Nnamdi Okorie, his sound academic background, business exposure and family also prompted him to invest wisely on such sensitive business with cash flowing mechanism.
One special thing I picked from the CEO of And One Hotel and Suites is humility and caring ability for his newly employed staffers and friends around him.
With his love for hospitable humanity, the sky is just a beginning for a young man that believes in creative investment to provide employment opportunities for youths in Africa and beyond. He is one young man that keeps to his words. And one Hotel and Suites is one the best five hotels in Ajegunle that is presently creating values for clients ‘money.


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