Nnamdi Okorie:A Young Passionate Hospitality Magnate with Love for Entertainment

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“Creating value for business attracts real clients”-Godday Odidi


Ever since Mr.Nnamdi Okorie started And One Hotel and Suites in Ajegunle, hospitality business has wore a new look in terms of quality services to clients.

Those of us that always host award events in high brow areas in Lagos State; we know the value of quality hotel services to clients.

And one as he is popularly called by friends and clients, he has able to build international hotel in Ajegunle with affordable services to low and high clients.

So many clients using his hotel for wedding, honey mood and other entertainment activities for the past one year of its establishment till date. The interior designs are specially made by African furniture experts.


Mr.Nnamdi Okorie is one of the cool-headed hospitality gurus that has been promoting entertainment activities and creating jobs for youths in Nigeria.

My frequent visits to And One Hotel and Suites shows how customers patronize and use the venue for photo shots.

As an international trained graduate And One has so much respect for his elder brothers who have been running hospitality businesses for years in Lagos and Imo States.

His passion for humanity and sports is second to none in Africa. He believes in supporting brands with futuristic growth and development. He is a young man that has love for the poor.





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