No Company Grows with Rebellious Workers says Alhaji Boladek

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-CEOs must maintain integrity and staffers’ welfare



Managing Director, Boladek Global Investments Nigeria Limited, Alhaji Rasheed Bola Adekunle popularly referred to as’Boladek’ by friends and clients, recently  returned from Hajji and counseled CEOs to exhibit integrity in spite of the present economic challenges facing the country, stressing that integrity must come before pleasure, attaining greatness needs sacrificial commitment in business and life.

According to him, my travelling to Mecca is to seek the face of God in my life and family. I cannot wait for any government official to sponsor me to Mecca, it means, I don’t appreciate God’s favour in my life as a human being. It was a good experience to seek God’s grace in one’s life. My wife has been to Mecca many a times and I believe with the guiding principle of life; God has been faithful to us over the years.

Added that CEOs and political leaders must exhibit leadership traits in their lives. Integrity is the bedrock of life if you must succeed as a CEO or leader. What has kept Boladek Global Investments Nigeria Limited for over 20 years is integrity and commitment to staffers’ welfare. Those working with you are not slave masters but you must care for them always.

He further asserted that no company grows with rebellious staffers and CEOs must take their staffers’ welfare as priority in life. Every CEO growth lies on the workers, he noted.




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