Nobody is Superior to Others in Life Says Chief Ubogu

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Chief Ubogu


The Managing Director of Micura Services Limited and multiple award-winning maritime expert, Chief Michael Ubogu,has called on  Nigerian entrepreneurs not to look down on anybody as they experience exponential growth in their businesses, stressing that life has a way of rewarding people greatly from nobody to somebody.

According to him, life has taught me not to hate people unjustly and while working at Dangote company few years, some issues happened, despite I put so much tenacity in my designated job as a manager then; two options came either to resign or continue, I chose resignation to start Micura Services Limited.

Chief Ubogu said every businessman must not disclose his business opportunities to his competitors.

“We came so far for the past 12years due to determination and integrity which all our staffers exhibited to clients.”

Speaking further, Ubogu said his company has employed over 4000 workers both direct and indirect and our major goal to increase our employment capacity to other Africa countries, he promised.




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