Obitex Rewrites the History of Networking Business in Africa

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By Godday Odidi


-As over 60 H2i members across Africa receive cash bonuses and car gifts

-Rita Orji,Zack Orji,Emeka Ike and others receive H2i Legendary and Philanthropic awards

-H2i is number one in Africa says Amb. Obitex

On 24th day of February, 2018, at Golden Tulip,Festac Area of Lagos State, Helping Hands International Concept Limited, which is shortly abbreviated as’H2i’celebrated her 4th anniversary cum mega card awards that attracted crème da la crème of personalities from all the African countries and Nigeria. It was a moment of rewarding H2i hard working members with various cash gifts and cars and also honored some highly placed Nigerians that over the years exhibited philanthropic services to the poor in the country.

Speaking at the event, the Managing Director of H2i, Ambassador Obitex Ngoka commended all the H2i awardees who dedicated their time and money to see that this NGO was not hijacked by powers that be. It is an NGO set to better the lives of Africans through humanitarian services and skill acquisitions. You can see that POWA is fully represented in H2i too.

“I was nobody on earth and I put my hands on several jobs to make ends meet which never worked out while living in Ajegunle then. It was H2i that changed my history and made me somebody that people now sees as a role model with evidence in networking business in Africa”.

H2i is waxing stronger and getting better in most of the African countries like Ghana,South Africa,Burkina Faso,Cote d’ Ivoire,Benin Republic and others including Nigeria.Though,last year, we experienced   some desperate H2i members who wanted to hijack the NGO and makes it as if we were running fake programmes and swindle African people but to God be the glory we defeated all the devices of the enemies of H2i.

Obitex added that H2i is the only networking business in Africa that has survived in straight four years. Our genuine commitment to humanitarian services and skills acquisitions that has kept us in business till today. You can see that top Nigerians and other Africans are part of H2i family now.

We don’t run fake networking business and our registration is now #9900.It was initially #6600 but as we are upgrading with 21st century networking strategies, the registration fee has to be increased.H2i is a training ground to teach people how to be self-made in life.

Those that won cars and cash bonuses were as a result of total commitment and hardwork to H2i.You must put extra effort as member to be a car winner. Every stage of H2i has reward to members that are dedicated to result in life.

He also explained further that those honoured for legendary and philanthropic awards in Nigeria are those committed to humanitarian services. Nigeria is blessed with great people who are ready to reduce poverty at all cost.H21 awards is to spur them to continue to do more for humanity in Africa, he added.

Mr. Stanley Emeka, one of the H21 awardees, who was full with joy said Ambassador Obitex has changed his living standard in life.H2i is real and I never thought of riding a brand new car in my life. God will continue to expand H21 in Africa, he said.

Some of those honoured for the legendary and philanthropic awards were Hon. Rita Orji, Federal House of Representatives member and chairperson Diaspora Committee matters representing Ajeromi-Ifelodun Federal Constituency,Zack Orji, ,Emeka Ike,Lilan Bach and hosts of others. Over 60 H2i members were awarded with brand new cars; cash bonuses and awards. Guests were entertained with star musicians like African China and others, music presentation by H2i kids, moments of motivation, testimonies and guests were served with lavish meal, drinks and gifts of different brands of H2i.



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