Odafe Ukeje: A Radical Evangelist cum Gospel Musician with the Raw Power of God

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Odafe Ukeje


“Every Great Servant of God has a divine Grace for exploit”-Godday Odidi


One of the ghetto music stars that took the music world few years ago was Evangelist Odafe Isaac Ukeje, then, he was not born again but got encounter with Christ after a wonderful servant of God preached on salvation to him.

Today, Evangelist Odafe Isaac Ukeje is fast-becoming a wonderful foot-soldier depopulating the kingdom of darkness through his radical evangelical exploit to populate the kingdom of God.

At his 30s, God is using him graciously to bring everlasting deliverance to those that were wickedly oppressed by powers that be in their lives.

He is one of the fast-growing radical evangelists in Badagry area of Lagos fully ready to put confusion in the kingdom of darkness. His calling has become unique to many church pastors across Nigeria. He is a gifted evangelist whose ministerial calling cum gospel music world remain great on earth.

Ever since he left worldly lifestyle and embraced Jesus Christ in his life, work of God has been progressive in his life.

He has seen the big difference in living faithfully in God’s presence and having Christ in one’s life. The voice of Evangelist Odafe Ukeje remains a threat in the kingdom of darkness till date. Many had been delivered from different manners of illness through the power of God in his life.


For Counselling and Prayers call-Evangelist Odafe Isaac Ukeje 08087461807, 07017403460



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