Olatunji Gregory: A Humble Man with Simple Character

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“Humility is key to greatness in life”-Godday Odidi

The first time I met Comrade Olatunji Gregory at Mr.Rasheed Bola Adekunle’s office popularly called by friends and business patronizers as’Boladek’ early this month, I saw humility and greatness tucked in him.

With the few minutes we had political conversation together on grassroots matters, his intellectual contribution pushed me as a writer to ask for his cell phone number. It was so objective on critical issues concerning grassroots politics and I equally fell in love with him.

Comrade Olatunji Gregory impressed me with humility and charisma on labour matters and issues affecting grassroots politics. He asked me a question, do I cover labour matters, I replied affirmatively. I also asked if he was on facebook and he confirmed to me ‘yes’. I went through his facebook profile wearing labour uniforms and I knew that Olatunji Gregory was a real labour man to the core.

Another thing that impressed me his educational background at Lagos State University which I also attended there too. When he was making his point at the group discussion, his facts were concise and always objective to the core and also putting smiling faces on the discussants too.

Comrade Olatunji Gregory is the present General Secretary of National Union of Lottery Agents and Employees(NULAE) and one of the passionate lottery entertainment gurus that strongly believes that lotto players are not meant for miscreants but highly placed professionals across the globe has embraced the business over the years.

He remains one simple man with good mindset for creativity and productivity among youths in Nigeria. With his vast knowledge on education and lottery business shows he would go far in life. His humility displays attracted Gabriovoicenews.com to him.

Comrade Olatunji believes that lottery is another avenue to create employment opportunities for the youths in Nigeria and money won should be used judiciously to better lives. His philosophical ideology on business creativity remains legendary in the sands of time in Africa.


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