Omobarca@35: A Young Philanthropist cum Clearing and Freight Forwarding Agent with Extraordinary Legacies

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“I’m not 35, I’m 18 with 17 years experience”-Anonymous


If life is measured by impact, then Omobarca of Abia State, who turns 35 today, should sincerely be counted among the Nigerian extraordinary grassroots entrepreneurs cum philanthropists who have made worthy efforts to remake their corner of the world.And, as it were, Omobarca began to make an enviable impact at 21 before he became a known grassroots personality in humanitarian and benevolent development in Africa and beyond.

On August 18th, 1983, Mr.Francis Chima Barthlomew popularly called by friends and grassroots followers as’Omobarca and other nomenclatures as Jesus Ajegunle,Jesus Ifelodun,Jesus Alafia,AJ Authority,King of Legit and Team of Obama’ was born into a humble family of  Chief and Mrs. Francis Nkemodum Atumah(a.k.a Evu 1) of Olokoro Town in Okwu community of Umuahia South Local Government Area of Abia State.

Mr.Francis Chima Bartholomew is the Managing Director of ChimFrancee Ventures, company that deals on customs clearing, port handling, freight forwarding,  freight transport and general maritime consulting in Africa. He is one of the youngest Ajegunle philanthropists that God is using to uplift people from nobody to somebody.

The story of Omobarca from relative obscurity to grassroots limelight was never a smooth one as at 14 in J.S.S 2, he lost his beloved mother, Mrs.Anna Nwanne Francis to the cool hands of death, exactly four days to his birthday, it was like the earth should opened for him to be buried with her dear mother.

As a child growing up in a slum environment where everybody fed for themselves on the street, he never gave up in spite of his father’s poor financial status then, he knew that  one day, with sheer determination and focus, he would become a grassroots personality to associate with in life.

His poor family background in life made him to attend different secondary schools in Ajegunle and Orile areas of Lagos State. He could not afford the regular school fees which his class equals were affording in life then. He attended Iyakari primary school,Sari-Iganmu and went to Sari-Iganmu Secondary school and left due to school fees and attended Chamber Comprehensive Commercial school and Imoyimi Comprehensive School at Labaka street of Ifelodun LCDA and finished at SS 11 because the school was not approved by the government to write WAEC. He was taught majorly on commercial subjects like Accounts, Commerce and Type-writing.He, thereafter went to Temidare High School and finally finished at Newland Secondary School,Tolu Complex and came out in flying colours in his WAEC.

Due to his flair for commercial subjects and passion for education, he then bought the JAMB form and sat for the examination and scored 187 while the cut-off mark was 200 then. He could not secure admission into any of the Nigeria University or Polytechnic that year and he decided to opt for a meager job to keep soul and body going.

As a young man who grew up in Alafia Street to Agbamu Street and Turner Street and later relocated from Ajegunle to Iba new site after passing through the wilderness of poverty that almost buried his creative career for business, he knew that only hardwork, trust in God and focus can bring a man to national and international limelight in life.

He struggled day and night to see himself through in his secondary education and later got employed with OK Natural water at Festac Town, Lagos and his start-off salary was N2, 800 and was later increased to N4, 400.With joy in his heart, he took his first salary to his father for earthly blessings and that was how God started elevating his life from ordinary factory worker to traffic gridlock hawker to a renowned clearing and freight forwarding agent in Nigeria.

After working in the factory company for a while, he felt one day that there was no need to continue with such retrogressive, infertile and unproductive future and as God would have it, he met a good friend that they both lived in the same Alafia street in Ifelodun LCDA who personally introduced him to a credit card business and he quickly picked up the business without hesitation despite his friend never shown him the secret success of the business. He started hawking from credit cards to chin chin with his friends from major traffic gridlocks in Lagos and later became a lotto player as a result of excruciating penury that almost buried his divine destiny, until he joined his uncle to learn the act of clearing and freight forwarding in Apapa Lagos for some handful years and later graduated to become a owner of one of the registered fast-growing clearing and freight forwarding agent companies in Africa today.

As a young man that has desire for great education, business innovation, career uplift, professional etiquettes, he has able to attend some international professional related courses in freight forwarding, entrepreneurship and leadership model.

“According to Omobarca while granting interview with Gabriovoice magazine team recently said, life has taught him to work harder and never looked down on anybody on earth. If somebody like me without a silver spoon background could be raised by God from relative obscurity to enviable limelight of destiny, then there is hope for the commoners on the street to make it in life. I’m not rich but just being favoured by God almighty that created me on earth. I don’t spend money to impress people in public places but to let young people know that their condition today does not determine their tomorrow in life”. My popularity in Ifelodun LCDA must be traced to a dear friend and brother, Mr.Oluwanishola Lateef who saw integrity and confidence by inviting me severally in his occasion.

Omobarca is known for charitable legacy in Ajegunle community and his country home where he came from. He has positively impacted lives of many up and coming Nigerian artistes, comedians, Muslim faithful, Christians, veritable social club associations and budding footballers across the globe.

Omobarca has become a household name that rings in every young Nigerian that wants to associate with innovative mindset in life. At 35, Omobarca is not just a destiny helper sent by God to change the narrative style of philanthropic legacy in Ajegunle but a savior to put smiles on many hopeless faces in life. He has become a role model to youthful entrepreneurial leadership in Africa. Omobarca is a good fan of Barcelona international club whose club logo is crest in his office and private bedroom.

Since 2016 till date, Omobarca has personally used his hard-earned resources to sponsor 18 Muslim faithful to Mecca and planning to send some Christians to Jerusalem in 2019 as God continues to provide resources in his hands.

At 35, he has employed over 23 staffers in his company working as team players to move the Nigeria economy forward by creating more employment opportunities for Nigerian graduates. Nobody that associates with Omobarca who will not taste a glimpse of progress in life. Having travelled to many countries of this world for business trips and holidays, humility remains paramount in his life till date.

He has received many several meritorious awards to his credit as ‘Ome Na Nwata’-means doing great things in life when you are small, this award was bestowed on him by Umuevo Women Association, Life Patron for High Bridge Club, National Youth Service Corps Award, Kwara State, INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church as a young philanthropic personality of the year with good heart, Wise men Social club for philanthropic development and host of other awards to his credit.

Omobarca is the man of the people, grassroots supporter of supporters, pathfinder of pathfinders, young philanthropist of philanthropists, clearing and freight forwarding agent of agents, leader of leaders, pacesetter of setters, boss of all bosses,impacter of impacters,team player of players, pillar of pillars, role model of models, vision driver of drivers, chief promoter of entertainment industry of promoters, entrepreneur of entrepreneurs, sports lover of lovers, freewill giver of givers, icon of icons, bridge-builder of builders, motivator of motivators, inspirational thinker of thinkers, crowd puller of pullers, great defender of the poor and a detribalized personality par excellence to the core. His hobbies are playing football with friends, researching on new business ideology through economic benefiting social media platform, gisting and travelling. He is happily married to a beautiful wife and blessed with lovely kids.











Francis Chima(Omobarca)
Francis Chima(Omobarca)


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