Oniabro Opens New Boutique in Ajegunle

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The Chief Executive Officer of VD Concept, Mr. Valentine Oniabro recently opened a new boutique at Achakpo road, Ajegunle, Lagos.

The hard-working young man who has knack for grassroots business has decided to set up boutiques in Ajegunle to create employment opportunities for youths.

According to him, I discovered that boutique business is profitable, though it is capital-intensive with the exorbitant shop prices in Lagos State.

This is my second boutique in Ajegunle and one of the biggest for now. Our prices are affordable. We sell brand new designers’ shoes and wears of different kinds to clients in Ajegunle and outside Ajegunle.

Speaking further, he said, I started selling wears in an open space at Okoya Street and I saved sufficiently to start a boutique shop for small and big clients.



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