Otunba Wesco: A Man of Humanitarian cum Entrepreneurial Leadership in Africa

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Otunba Wesco



“Great People don’t listen to gossips rather than harness their opportunities in life”-Godday Odidi


A month ago when I was officially introduced to Barr Otunba Osinubi Moses Adewale by one of his loyal boys cum principal agents who felt there is need for Mindset media limited and Gabriovoicenews.com,one of the most  read media platform in Nigeria that is professionally profiling Nigerians with creative legacies to behold.

I felt perturbed somehow to be promoting people I don’t really know their backgrounds so much in life. But his loyal boy assured me that his boss is a man of the people and a political legend to be reckoned with in Nigeria and Ogun State come 2019.

Since his loyal boy is good to me and always reading the profiles of achievers through my platform and also learning from their mistakes and achievements, I thought, it is wise for me to grab this opportunity offered to me than writing for a substantial amount of money first.

As a professional profile writer, I quickly went into Google to search for the name of Otunba Osinubi Adewale and I saw several write ups being published on him in different media platforms and his facebook page, It was then, I knew he was a great man being described by his loyal boy from Bayelsa State. I read all the write ups on him but none of the write up could profile him well as I expected and now knew why his loyal boy could contact me to be promoting his boss not only on his entrepreneurial or humanitarian leadership but his political ambition towards 2019 election for Ijebu Central Federal Constituency in Ogun State of Nigeria.

His loyal boy also assured me that Otunba Osinubi is a man that appreciates good things of life and definitely he will appreciate Mindset platform in kind and cash as the friendship continues to grow stronger and better in life. Just keep doing your good works on my boss because he made me what I am today in life.

At that time of this official introduction to Otunba Osinubi when he was marking his 50th golden birthday bash in London and I took the opportunity to first search him on facebook and wrote 50 cheers on his birthday to register my love for his goodwill to people in Nigeria and Africa.

Again, his loyal boy also requested Mindset media Limited to  nominate his boss for Africa Mindset Media Achievers Excellence Awards and Mindset brief Achievers book launch volume two coming up November 2018 at Sunfit Hotel,Festac Town, Lagos, one of the popular award platforms that  give awards to credible Nigerians across Africa.

So, to confirm if Otunba Adewale was really the personality his loyal boy described to me to project on Mindset platform and I decided to reach him on text message many a time and as God would have it,Otunba himself called me while I was busy but later called him and he told me to meet him on Thursday at his office by 12pm.

As a professional profile writer and media consultant that knows the value of time, I quickly arrived with my team before 11am to wait for him at the secretary office.First, his well-furnished and expansive Wesco Headquarters office at Oshodi in Lagos, equally convinced me that Otunba Adewale is a successful businessman that knows his onion in his profession.

Exactly, 12pm, Otunba Adewale was at his office while others were waiting alongside with me at the secretary office to see him too.

When it was my time to see him, his secretary directed me straight to his office with my team. The reception he gave me as a writer equally convinced me that Otunba Wesco as he is prominently called by his friends and admirers is not just a great man but a man that respects everyone’s profession in life irrespective of your background or tribe.

Seeing my magazine and book which I presented to him after the exclusive interview that was published in Gabriovoicenews.com recently, he knew that he was also meeting the right person that has what it takes to profile his business empires and humanitarian services in Africa and beyond.

Barr Otunba Osinubi Moses Adewale was born 50 years old to a modest family from Ogun State. He attended Oluwa Primary School and Edokpolor Grammar in Edo State. He later proceeded to Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye where he studied BA Hons in Philosophy and proceeded again to University of Benin to bag LLB degree in Law and attended Law school in Lagos. He is a multiple award-winning entrepreneur and lotto magnate with pedigree.

As a young man that loves sole proprietorship in life, he decided to set up his own company called Wesco Pools& Lottery Limited(Pools,Lotto&Sportsbet),that today, it has provided over 5000 jobs for both old and young people in Nigeria. Having being in gambling business for the past 19years and rose to an enviable position before he set up his own company.

Wesco is one of the fastest betting companies in Nigeria doing creditably well in reducing poverty in Africa. As Wesco continues to boom, having set up Wesco branches across 22 states of the Federation with modern offices to his credit. He owns Otunba Wesco foundation and Otunba Wesco Football club; the major aims are promoting humanity and youth talents in sports development in Africa and abroad.

Today, Otunba Wesco has used these two noble NGOs he established to bring succor to several families in Nigeria and Africa.

As far as betting and lottery is concerned in Nigeria, Otunba Wesco has brought innovative drive into the business and remained committed to his clients or players of Wesco betting.

According to Otunba Wesco, the joy of my business is when people play and win, we give them their money and this will motivate them to play more and win. Every good product advertises itself that is why Wesco is different from any other betting companies in Nigeria. Our strategy in Wesco has been working for us and we are not afraid of competitors in this business in Africa.

Finally, Wesco has become a role model to Africa young entrepreneurs and a social influencer that believes in digital entrepreneurship with good mindset to the core. He remains a man with many parts in business.






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