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Mindset Personality: Religion/Gospel



I=Inspired S=Sagacious A=Audacious A=Accomplished C=Courageous


O=Obedient G=Generous B=Benevolent E=Energetic T=Trustworthy A=Assiduous



 Bishop Isaac Ogbeta


Bishop Isaac Ogbeta is an international based trained prophetic clergy and presiding bishop of International Churches Worldwide and Worldwide Relief Organization. He was one of the first prophets that brought deliverance prayers into Isoko region and bought many commercial buses to ease transportation for Isoko people to all the states in Nigeria with subsized fare.Ogbeta commercial buses were popular in the late 80s and 90s in Isoko.He has written over 30 books, sold 40 million dollars across the globe. One thing that distinguishes Bishop Ogbeta from other South-South clergies, his kind of philanthropic gesture displays in the kingdom of God over the years. In this interview with Gabrio Voice Magazine through phone chat, he explained why he left Nigeria over 30 years ago and how he sold 40 million dollars on his books and why God asked him to return to Nigeria to provide humanitarian services for his people(Isoko) in Delta State.


Personality Details:

I’ m Bishop Isaac Ogbeta from Ada-Irri in Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State and the presiding bishop of International Pentecostal Churches Worldwide and Worldwide Relief Organization. I had undergone much theological training to back my calling across the globe.


Sojourn in Foreign Land:

While in Nigeria, especially Isoko, God used me mightily to break generational curses and free many from satanic bondages of their household witchcrafts and wizards. I held many crusades in Lagos, Benin and other states were the power of God came down to liberate my people from the powers of the enemies. At a point, God asked me to leave my comfort zone in Isoko and go to USA for more prophetic crusades to liberate my people over there. So I left, for the past 30 years in USA,God has used me to establish His word in all the cities of the world.


Major Ministerial Calling:


God has called me to break generational curses, miracles, healings and prophecies through the power of the Holy Spirit. Heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free.


Books Sold so far:

I have written over 30 Christian literature books, sold 40 million copies at $20 each. Sold in different languages like Spanish, French, Chineese, Hebrew and English. Having branches spread across the globe. I m one of the international best-selling authors with prove. In abroad here, they value books more than Africa.

Books Written:

Fighting for freedom, turning your adversity to opportunity, Prayer and fasting movement, Solution to every crisis in your life, fighting challenges: You can overcome. Go to Amazon.com, all my books written so far are there for you to read and purchase online. You can view me in YouTube and website for my messages.


Humanitarian Services:

I set up Worldwide Relief Organization to help the suffering countries like Sudan and others through cash gifts and relief materials. Through the power of God we have alleviate the sufferings of many in abroad.


Coming back to Nigeria:

God told me to come back to Nigeria to help my people in Delta State, especially Isoko nation. Later this year, I will come to Isoko to set up good hospital and other humanitarian services for my people. I will not live abroad forever but time will come when I will be fully settled in Isokoland because He has used me to fulfill His gospel in abroad.


 Private Jet Purchase:

God has blessed me with wealth through the sales of my books across the world. I just purchased a brand new private jet for the missionary works and evangelism. I believe in giving ministry where God has used me mightily to help humanity. As a man of God you must develop the culture of giving to the poor and help mission works.


Ministerial Self-Exile:

To God be thy glory, God has equipped, groomed and put resources in my hands to grow the works of His kingdom. I want my books to sell like Harry Potter books.


Bishopric Advice:

Young ministers of God must know their areas of callings and ready to work faithfully in His presence. The sky of their ministerial growth is the beginning in life.










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