Over-packaging Leads to Frustration-Godday Odidi

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For the past years, I have been living in Lagos; I have gone around all the good, ugly and bad areas of the state. Every human being has his or her own choice of living. Once you tells somebody you live in Lekki-Ajah, a thought comes to such mind, the guy is wealthy that is why he or she is residing there. Some living in Lekki-Ajah because of their nature of businesses and clients. If your business is located at Badagry why lives at Lekki-Ajah or Epe.Over-packaging will make you lose your helpers or clients. Don’t live to impress people or you belong to the same class of wealthy people. Most corporate businesses headquarters are located at Lekki-Ajah or Ikoyi,you don’t expect the CEOs or directors to live at Iba or Ajegunle,they must live where they can easily monitor their businesses. Some mansions in Festac Extension, Apapa,Okota,Iba,Badagry,Ajegunle,Ikeja and some unknown areas in Lagos are better off Lekki-Ajah.Your friend rides G-wagon car, you wants to drive it too, then you are also preparing to live a fake life. A former Nigerian footballer was living in Festac extension in a rented Duplex and riding Hummer jeep to Ajegunle then but he claimed the house belonged to him but when things turned upside down we realized the Hummer jeep was a borrowed one not his own. He eventually became a perpetual beggar till date. In 2016, after a friend attended Mindset awards, he saw the cabals of men and women that attended the event, he told me Godday Odidi, I have a three bedroom flat that fits your status as a media entrepreneur that is growing up in Nigeria. We drove with his jeep to the house, then the house was N750, 000, a year is N500, 000 then. He was the agent of the house. He persuaded me to take the house, if you come to that house and you ask help from me and I said I don’t have, you would call me a wicked man or swear for my generation. As of today as I checked the rent of that house, it is N1.3 million now. What pissed me off was that my friend is a landlord in that area he wanted me to live there and I asked him how he became a Landlord. When he came to reside in that area, he was living in a room and parlour without toilet but planning how to build his own house and that is how he became a landlord.

When I got home that very day, I was thinking about that house my wife asked me, sweet heart what are you thinking of ?I told her, I saw a good accommodation and she asked me how much and I said N750,000,her replied to me, think of how to build your own house dear. I quickly locked up that idea as a Delta man.Today I would have been begging people to pay for my house rent of N1.3million because a friend told me that my status is too small to live in a room and parlour self-contained then. Life is a process and I don’t live to impress people. There are some rich guys living in Ajegunle and Iba or Badagry.Nigeria is a country that respects fake people with fake lifestyles. If you want to live long, learn to live your own life. No doubt, good environment helps to build your status and family but live where you can afford and nearness to your business. Not everybody that lives in Lekki-Ajah is wealthy. Always ask questions why such person relocates to Lekki-Ajah.In Afromedia, Okokomaiko area; foreigners reside there because their businesses are within that area.

One thing in Lagos, It is easy to rent a good house but not easy to pay the rent particularly those living to impress their friends and families.Mr.A drives Lexus 350 and Mr. wants to drive Range Over. Unnecessary competitions breeding fake lifestyles. You want to drive your car to your former resident in ghetto to impress your new living standard. Live your life God created you not another man’s own. This is just Godday Odidi for you. I was not born to live a fake life but real life through real process.  



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