Owigho Joseph: Introducing a Non-Partisan Platform to Create Quality Politicians in Africa

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“Quality Leaders are known by their leadership legacies”-Godday Odidi

One of the fast-rising Lagos-Delta based professional spokespersons cum comperes, recently set up a non-partisan organization with highly trained team to build quality leaders for formidable political positions in Africa.

Mr.Owigho Joseph Onomuere is the Chief Executive Officer of Teen Industries Limited and 2015 Mic& Tez Investment Limited and Founder/President Teen Political Matters.

With the present political leadership capacity which has not been faired to an average Nigerian citizen or voter for the past 19 years of democratic process, Mr.Owigho, an outspoken community spokesperson and entrepreneur whose love for national and community leadership in Africa has deemed it fit to introduce a non-partisan organization like Teen Political Matters to address leadership issues plaguing our present leadership positions in Africa and Nigeria.

Teen Political Matters is not a political party that takes sides with political parties or politicians but give a voice for quality leadership in Nigeria. The aims and objectives of TPM to project and support proactive leaders in their different political endeavours of seeking for selective positions in government and to develop the ability of concerned citizens with confidence and skills to make a difference in our communities from local to federal governments.

The vision and mission of TPM to make quality leaders at all levels of governance and to empower people to succeed and take positive and creative decisions in leadership positions in Nigeria.

TPM was founded in 2011 with thousands of followers with their PVCs for the coming elections in Nigeria. It has an organization that speaks the minds of the voters.TPM boss is well- exposed to entrepreneurial and political leadership in Africa and beyond.

TPM is solidly on ground in Lagos and Delta states to project and support any political party or leader that has creative manifestoes for the people in Nigeria.

TPM is an organization that also shares quality ideas through positive interactions to community leaders and political parties with perspectives for formidable leadership.

In all, TPM is a platform that has the heart of quality grassroots ideas to create visible leaders in Nigeria.






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