Pastor Festus Ejete: Using the Pulpit to Revive Local Languages and Cultures in Nigeria

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“Greatness starts from the Mindset of every man that has love for progress in life”-Godday Odidi


One of the flourishing Lagos-Delta based firebrand preachers in Nigeria that has taken the bold step to start teaching cultures and languages of each ethnic groups in his church is Pastor Festus Ejete,lead founder of Christ Faith Tabernacle International and multiple award-winning gospel musician of the 21st century.

When he spoke to me on facebook messenger concerning this traditional gospel event in his church, I did not hesitate not to honour him on Sunday. Pastor Festus Ejete has been a good friend who has been following my social media and conventional activities over the years. Seeing his invitation was an opportunity to meet him again.

I was really given a presidential welcome and Pastor Ejete told me how God arrested a cultist who was passing through his church venue few weeks ago to deliver his satanic message to one of the their clients and the guiding angel of Christ Faith Tabernacle international halted his plan and told him to confess to the founder of the church immediately.

Then, the cultist had no choice than to look for Pastor Festus Ejete to confess because the guiding angel of Christ Faith Tabernacle International told him to confess publicly to church to avert God’s punishment in his life.

So, I accompanied Pastor Ejete to his flat upstairs to dress up for the service hour. But what amazed me when I came inside the church was that I saw women, youths, men and children dressing in Urhobo traditional attires and I asked Pastor Ejete what was going on and he told me since last year, he has been organizing cultural day in his church for members to learn their various languages and cultures that most churches and ministries in Lagos have lost their homes and children to foreign languages and cultures.

It was a great event being hosted by Pastor Festus Ejete popularly called by his faithful members and friends as’Manpoli’.I enjoyed every bit of the event where Urhobo people in his church showcased their traditional culture,language,marriage rite drama and others.

Pastor Ejete is one man of God in Ajegunle operating transparent and vibrant church that values each member cultures and languages over the years.

As a trained gospel artist cum prophetic preacher in Africa, God has used him mightily to deliver many people from bondages of the enemies with great testimonies.

The event was well-packaged as Pastor Ejete gave room for Urhobo female preacher to preach on a topic as ‘Forgiveness’ and the scriptural reference was taken from Matthew 18:21-22.The preacher dealt with the topic fiercely and everybody was elated and blessed to be in the presence of God on that Sunday. Other tribes in his church like Isoko and others have also held their cultural days with great excitements too.

Christ Faith Tabernacle International comprises of Isoko, Urhobo, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Ghana, Benue, Edo, Ukwani and others. Pastor Ejete must be highly commended for salvaging the cultures and languages of Nigeria in his church. He is a detribalized preacher cum gospel musician that has large heart for humanity and cultural diversity.






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