Positive Comments from Prominent Nigerians on Bishop Isaac Idahosa’s 54th Birthday Bash-Mindset Red Carpet

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Bishop Isaac Idahosa

By Godday Odidi


On the 3rd of March 2019, I was giving opportunity with my dear colleague, Mr. Clem Emma, a renowned blogger and journalist to do a red carpet interview for prominent guests of Bishop Isaac Idahosa’s 54th birthday bash. It was a moment of joy seeing God’s general being celebrated by wonderful ministers of God in all classes. The hall was packed full of guests from all walks of life. The event kicked off exactly 3pm as Bishop Praise Machine anchored the event with much passion as he took Bishop Isaac Idahosa as a spiritual role model and helper in the gospel world.

    We interviewed many guests that were affected by the ministerial works of Bishop Isaac Idahosa over the years. It was a moment to hear from different guests on how Bishop Idahosa affected both their spiritual and physical life positively. At 54, Bishop Idahosa had tough times in ministry but was able to overcome through the awesome power of God and divine calling upon his life.

Hear some of the comments on Bishop Isaac Idahosa on his 54th birthday bash by prominent Nigerians at the red carpet interview by Mindset Media Limited

Ms.Monalisa Chinda, a renowned Nigerian female actress, Bishop Isaac Idahosa is a fantastic preacher with love for humanity. He was my pastor at Ijesha area in Surulere, Lagos then. He should continue to do the work of God without distraction of life.

Mrs.Tricia Eseigbe of Bold faces, Bishop Isaac Idahosa is a wonderful man of God in Nigeria that has passion for Nollywood growth. He believes so much in creativity and passion in the movie industry. He is our grand patron of the Nollywood industry in Nigeria.

Bishop Osa-Oni,a renowned clergy in Africa, Bishop Isaac Idahosa is a humble son that respects fathers in the Lord ahead of him. He takes advices from me and I believe so much in his calling too.

Prophet Chris Okafor, one of the Nigerian famous seers, also praised Bishop Isaac Idahosa on his consistency and determination in seeing the kingdom works expanding in all ramifications.

Prophet Paschal Good, one of the fast-rising young generational prophets in Africa, also commented on the good works of Bishop Isaac Idahosa whom he takes as his authentic spiritual father in the Lord. God will continue to protect him in all his endeavours in life. At 54, my daddy remains committed to kingdom expansion which I m toeing his path of legacy in life.

Mr.Jerry, one of the faithful sons of Bishop Isaac Idahosa said daddy is not just a spiritual father to him but a man of God he looks up to in advice and family leadership. He is part of my success story in life. Daddy will continue to live long for us.

Pastor Mrs. Christy Idahosa, the wife of the celebrant commented on his beloved husband’s birthday bash as one man of God that forgives so easily in life. He always expresses his mind when he is upset. He loves people and always ready to key into great vision of life.

Bishop Praise Machine also praised Bishop Isaac Idahosa on his good works for humanity. I love him so much because he is a man of God that stands with friends in crisis and need. God will continue to lift him up in life.

Others commented on the birthday bash of Bishop Isaac Idahosa who brought colourfulness and brightness to the event. Fred Amata also thanked Bishop Isaac Idahosa for his love for the movie industry and also making sure those actresses and actors are birthed from his church too.





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