Prince Frank Egbodo:A Fantastic Businessman with Love for Humanity and Family

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Prince Frank Egbodo


“Great people succeed in different chains of businesses today for exploring their new ideas into it-Godday Odidi”

One fantastic businessman that has devoted so much love for family needs and humanity over the years, is Prince Frank Egbodo,Managing Director,Frandys Investments Limited and an innovative award-winning entrepreneurial player in Africa.

Prince Frank Egbodo became a job creator over two decades ago and still progressing in entrepreneurial leadership despite the hard economy situation that has folded many private companies in Nigeria.

He is one creative businessman that knows his onion in the business of importing and exporting local and international doors, bank safes and kitchen utensils into the larger market in Africa.

Prince Frank Egbodo’s style of business has earned him respect in the Nigerian financial institutions where he formally worked as a banker to marketer to an entrepreneur with Midas touch.

When it comes to technological growth and development in business, Prince Frank Egbodo is one of the digital CEOs that firstly embraced website marketing structure to push Frandys Investment Ltd to global market.

Our local markets are flooded with substandard doors, kitchen utensils, bank safes but Frandys Investments Ltd still providing quality doors and other services for customers across Africa. He believes that hardship or bad economic policies from different governments in Nigeria cannot stop a real businessman for giving his best for clients.

He has able to sustain Charimela Concepts Limited and Frandys Investments Ltd over the years due to prudent management policies and committed staffers. He is a CEO that has much love for entrepreneurial successes and ready to give his very best support to staffers in need.


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