Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin: A Philanthropic Prophet with Great Passion for Humanitarian Services in Nigeria

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“No one that has tasted poverty in the slum or creek before who would not know the pains of being poor in life”-Godday Odidi

When Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin,General Overseer of Mercyland Deliverance Ministry aka Arena of Solution and Power, one of the fastest-growing new generational prophetic and humanitarian churches came into religious limelight in Delta State few years ago, little did Mindset Media Limited/ paid attention to it then .

I saw Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin as a replica of TB Joshua of Synagogue of All Nations in Lagos, until recently I started paying great attention to his prophetic ministry and also sharing his facebook page prophetic messages to my online followers and readers across the globe.

His recent magnanimous cash/car gift towards the young girl,Miss.Stephenie Idolor that videotaped little Success Adegor that went viral on the social media indicated that Prophet Fufeyin is not just a God-sent to liberate many worshippers from poverty to riches but to be a blessing to the downtrodden across the globe.

“I read many facebook and instagram comments on Prophet Jeremiah’s gift on Miss.Stephenie Idolor and how some reacted negatively and positively but all the same, the man of God met well for humanity.

What cut my real attention to write this profile on Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin when he told his congregation and guests how poverty frustrated his life for many years and having put his hands on so many things to make a living and nothing worked well in his life until he met some few people that changed his family history from poverty to riches.

He got married to his wife in poverty and played smart to his Uncle house when he was the then deputy governor of Bayelsa State. He lied that his mother was sick and the uncle had pity and gave him N250, 000 to pay up his mother medical bill but diverted the money to his personal use.

According to him, I put my hands on so many things and nothing worked well for me. I started attending MFM with my brother and grew up as a strong prayer warrior. The calling of God was in me but I don’t know how to discover myself in life then.

As God’s calling cannot be hidden in my life, one way, the other, I had some financial assistance that pushed my destiny to limelight in ministry.

So, having seen epidemic poverty in the creek of Bayelsa State decades ago, helping humanity has become my passion and pride as a prophetic clergy who has seen it all in life.

Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry is one of the most popular prophetic churches in Africa providing humanitarian services to worshippers and poor people across the globe.

He has received many awards to his credit as Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry has become a mega of sorts where Nigerian actors and actresses, government officials, foreigners, business magnates and others seek for spiritual advice and prayers.

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin’s gifts to Miss.Stephenie Idolor and the ailing actor, Leo Mezi recently shows that the work of God is not just preaching only but also affecting its people positively.

He is a prophet of prophets, humanitarian supporter of supporters, prayer warrior of warriors, philanthropist of philanthropists, care giver of givers, passionate preacher of preachers and in all ,he is a man of God that knows those who helped him when he had nothing in life. He has remained committed to philanthropic legacy in Africa and beyond over the years.


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