Quality Food Packaging is our brand in RS Farmers Market-Captain Callistus

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Captain Callistus Okhaishie is the Managing Director of Regad Star Nigeria Limited and one of the fast-growing marine consultants in Africa. He recently received 2018 Mindset Media Achievers Excellence Awards to his credit. As a trained captain in the marine sector over the years, his professional capacity has earned many accolades and honours across the globe. He is one African businessman that has love for food business with quality packaging. In this exclusive interview with Gabrio Voice Magazine, he spoke on the need for Nigeria farmers to learn how to package their food products for international markets to patronize and other sundry issues in the Agricultural Sector.


Tell us about RS Farmers Market and how you co-founded it?


RS Farmers Market belongs to my wife.Precisely, it is my wife business. When I travelled out of this country sometimes ago, I saw how farm markets were being packaged and I saw the need to rebrand my wife’s business into food packaging with digital marketing strategy. My wife was running a normal local shop at Ikorodu until I saw the need to bring the business to Victoria Island. My innovative idea to grow my wife’s business into international standard which today, many have started identifying with us as a new brand.


What is the impact of Cooplag expo trade fair to RS Farmers Market?

This is the first time RS Farmers Market is participating in a trade fair to expose our business to international clients.RS Farmers Market kicked-off this year July and with our new location now, this business is being appreciated with our new clients.

How do you people preserve perishable goods in the store?

In business, you must make gains and incurred losses. We are new in this business and if we have perishable goods that are not sold in time, we share it out to some of our staffers and those in need.

How can you describe this new business of selling fresh food in the market?

The business is challenging because we are new but our target in the next 5years to become Shoprite and other classic food markets in Nigeria and Africa.

Why Nigeria food markets are still poor in packaging when you compare to International markets?

Nigerians lack food packaging which has grossly affected our Nigeria markets over the years.RS Farmers Market is set to change the poor orientation of food packaging in Africa. We shall get there soon!

What is your advice for young entrepreneurs intending to go into fresh food business?

Young entrepreneurs must be patient and be committed to hardwork to make their businesses succeed in life.






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